19412 Mohican Ave
Cleveland, OH 44119

Property Information

Current Status Occupied
Lease Start Date 08/10/2021
Lease End Date 07/31/2022
Utilities Paid by Tenant
Initial Investment* $26,920

*Includes down payment plus $3,000 of closing costs

Purchase Price $115,000

Current Rent $1,050
Cap Rate 8%
Cash on Cash Return* 12%
Net Cash Flow Per Month* $278

*Assuming 20% down with a loan at 4.5% interest for 30 years.

Renovations Completed

8 new windows, 7 new window screens, 1 new bay window & 2 new side windows at front, sanded & sealed hardwood floors, new vinyl plank flooring at side entrance and stairwell, new hot water tank, cleaned & serviced furnace, new cast iron above laundry tub in basement, 1 new glassblock window in basement, new handrail at front steps, new wood on porch floor, 5 new concrete blocks at driveway, interior & exterior paint.

This property also comes with a 1-year Home Warranty.

Financing Options

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Property Management Company

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Investment Terms

Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA): A PSA will be delivered electronically once an agreement has been made and must be executed by Buyer within 24 hours of receipt.
Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of $1,000 must be wired to the Title Company within 3 days of PSA signing.
Appraisal Contingency is available for financed properties, and will be waived automatically if the property appraises for the sale price. If it does not appraise for the sale price, then the Buyer and Seller will have the opportunity to come to terms or the Buyer can cancel the contract.
Closing Date: The Closing Date will occur within 15 days of PSA execution for cash transactions and 45 days of PSA execution for financing unless otherwise agreed by Buyer and Seller.
Lease Agreement: The current lease agreement will be provided to Buyer at Closing.
Closing Costs: Closing costs shall be paid based on local custom, and will include discounts negotiated by Martel TurnKey to lower transaction costs for Buyers and Sellers. Actual closing costs will be outlined on the final settlement statement.

Buying Process

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