5 Risks of the BRRRR Strategy

Over the last couple of years a new term and a new style of investing has popped up. It is called the BRRRR method, which stands for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, and Repeat. Essentially you're buying these properties, you rehab them, you get them rent ready, you rent them out,...

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Why Buy and Hold is the Best Real Estate Strategy

Many people when they get into real estate want to start flipping houses, and this is because they have been watching TV shows on HDTV. These shows show people flipping one house and they profit $40,000-60,000. Which is as much as someone makes in one year just with one project. While...

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5 Steps to Take Before Buying Your First Rental Property

Many new passive investors don't know where to start when they become interested in buying rental properties. They don't know the steps required to purchase their first one. However, there are five basic steps that must be taken before you purchase your first rental property. 1. Know Your Goals Step...

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$40M Amazon Warehouse Coming to Memphis!

I recently read a book called “Emerging Real Estate Markets” by David Lindahl. In this book, Lindahl talks about what to look for when investing in a new market. He describes that the most important things for him are the potential job growth in this market and the population growth....

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Don’t Save for Retirement

The current retirement system doesn’t make sense in today’s world because it assumes that you’re saving money throughout your working life and at retirement these savings will be converted to an annuity. You pass all that money that you save to a financial institution, like an insurance company or a...

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Rock Climbing: A Metaphor for Reaching your Goals

A couple of my friends are rock climbers, and they would often tell gripping climbing stories when we would go for beers.  Their stories most often focused on how they managed to climb a particular wall. They would describe the challenges with a smile on their face. They would share...

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5 Things to Consider When Investing in Rental Properties

There are many ways in which a person can make a living when it comes to real estate investing some of them carry more risks than others. It goes without saying that those that carry the greatest risks are often the very real estate investment methods with the highest potential...

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Amazon Bringing 3,000 Jobs To Cleveland

Over the last couple of months of 2017 Amazon has announced that they will be bringing 3,000 jobs to Cleveland. These jobs will be in two areas of Cleveland, Euclid and North Randall. The company has decided that they will be taking over two malls that have been demolished over...

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Why You Shouldn’t Manage Your Rental Properties

Recently I had a phone call with an investor who lived on the East Coast but he was investing in the Midwest. He was telling me how he owns a couple of properties in the Midwest and he’s managing those properties himself. I spoke with him and asked him how...

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