All Your Fears About Being a Landlord Addressed

Have you thought about owning rental property, but you’re nervous about being a landlord?  Sometimes lack of money and opportunity aren’t what keeps people from investing in buy and hold real estate. Sometimes people are just downright afraid to be a landlord. But fear shouldn’t stand in your way of...

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Good Credit is Essential For Real Estate Investment Success

For recent college graduates, it can be more of a challenge to get the funding to invest in your first real estate property. You may not have two years of W-2 income to show financial stability, or you may not have a sufficiently robust credit history to demonstrate fiscal responsibility....

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Stock Market vs. Real Estate

Which is the better investment – the stock market or real estate? There are arguments for both sides. But when you have a limited amount of money to invest, as most people do, your decision carries more weight. Your stock broker (the one who gets the commissions) will undoubtedly advise...

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Why You Should Diversify Your Investment Portfolio With Real Estate

Every investment advisor will tell you that diversification is of the utmost importance in your investment portfolio. Diversification helps you to reduce risk exposure, maximize gains in any economic climate and minimize losses. No matter how much you have to invest, it’s wise to spread it out among a variety...

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What to Expect From a Rental Property Manager

The turnkey rentals in Memphis and the other markets that MartelTurnkey invests in come with property management already in place when we sell to our investors. Property managers offer an array of valuable services that most landlords appreciate for their contribution to a passive income experience. As the new owner,...

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Why a MartelTurnkey Rental is the Best Kind of Passive Income

People talk about all kinds of ways to get passive income, but not all passive income investments are equal. Some will give you more of a hands-free experience; others require more attention than people might want to let on. It’s important to know exactly how much personal involvement your investment...

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6 Advantages of Owning a Turnkey Rental Over a Vacation Rental

A turnkey rental has a number of advantages over vacation rental properties. If you’re just getting started in real estate investing and trying to decide whether you should run an Airbnb or buy a turnkey rental, be sure to review the following advantages before you make your choice.   You...

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Here’s Why College Students Should Start Saving Now to Invest in Real Estate

There’s a common misconception in society that real life begins after college. This myth is an impediment to growth and an unjust narrative on what young adults are capable of accomplishing early on. There’s no better evidence of this than in the area of real estate investing. The earlier you...

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Why Invest in Birmingham and St. Louis?

When you purchase a turnkey rental, you can’t do better than to invest in cities like Birmingham and St. Louis, which are both growing by leaps and bounds. When MartelTurnkey invested in properties in these two metro areas a few years ago, we knew that the areas were undervalued and...

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How College Graduates Can Buy Turnkey Rentals

There’s a misconception that only seasoned investors buy turnkey rentals. While it’s true that the majority of turnkey rental buyers are older, that doesn’t mean that this investment class is off limits to younger buyers. In fact, investors in their early 20s have more to gain from buying turnkey rentals...

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Frequently Asked Questions About Owning a MartelTurnkey Home

Are you thinking about buying a turnkey rental from MartelTurnkey but not sure what it would be like? You can always contact us with your questions and we’ll return your call or email right away. But if you’re just curious about some basic aspects of owning a turnkey rental from...

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What Insurance Coverage Is Recommended For Investment Properties?

As a landlord, you have special insurance needs. Regular homeowner’s insurance may not be enough to protect you and your investment property because landlords are vulnerable in ways that a regular homeowner isn’t. Following are some of the recommended and available insurance types to consider for your investment property.  ...

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