A Real Estate Investor’s Guide To The Housing Market

If you read financial news, you will read a lot about the “housing market.” Most of it will seem to circle around homeownership — not real estate investing. Very little breaking financial news directly addresses the concerns of real estate investors … even turnkey single-family real estate investors like the...

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Is Your Money Safe?
Reflections on the SVB Collapse, and What to Do About It

Most of us were taught as children that a bank is the safest place to put our money. The interest rates may be pitiful, there’s no protection from inflation … but by golly, you can sleep soundly knowing that the money you put in your bank account yesterday will still...

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The 1031 Exchange — How It Saves You Taxes, and How to Do It Correctly

Whether you’re a seasoned real estate investor or new to the game, you may have heard about the 1031 Exchange – a powerful tax-deferral strategy that allows you to defer capital gains taxes on investment property sales. One of the biggest problems we solve at MartelTurnkey is to help our investor...

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Exploring Euclid, Ohio:
Insights on Real Estate, Demographics, and Safety

Euclid, Ohio is popular with investors seeking appreciating turnkey rental properties.  Having renovated and sold over 50 houses in this city, we have watched it appreciate and improve over time.  House values continue to increase and rents remain strong. Join us as we explore 12 criteria that make this city...

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Risks When Buying a Turnkey Rental Property,
Without Paying Extra

There’s no getting around it — every investment involves risk. Wiring your deposit money can be nerve-wracking, especially for first-timers. It can be hard to shake the feeling that you’re making a big mistake with a large amount of money. This is especially true when buying turnkey real estate you...

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When Should I Refinance My Rental Property?

One of the most exciting times in the life cycle of a real estate investment is when it’s time to refinance. Your wealth has been tied up in equity … but at refi time you get to turn that equity into cash! Best of all, a refi is a not-taxable...

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How Much Should I Put Down, Given Current Interest Rates?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know that interest rates have gone up sharply in the last year. It’s now more expensive to take out the same mortgage … which makes positive cash flow harder to achieve with leveraged real estate investing. So the question is: How...

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The Hidden Income Stream of Real Estate Investing

In August, we announced that we updated our financial projections on our turnkey rental assets to include equity buildup.  This helped many of our investors discover a Hidden Income Stream.   This is a wealth-building factor of real estate investing that most people ignore … or at least discount the...

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What Happens if the Appraisal Comes In Too Low on my Investment Property?

It’s the worst nightmare of every seller — what happens if the property “doesn’t appraise?”   Of course, this is a euphemism. It’s not like the appraiser is going to visit the property and then run away to join the circus. (At least, not usually.) No, if you hire an...

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6 Things Our Clients Do When They Achieve Financial Freedom

Most investors come to Martel Turnkey on the quest for financial freedom. We dig deeper into what this means in this article, but in a nutshell, it means they have enough passive cash flow from rent income that they no longer have to report to work in order to sustain...

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Are Interest Rates Too High to Buy?

One of the big financial stories of 2022 was an end to the historic low interest rates we have enjoyed for more than a decade. The shock is causing people to ask Are Interest Rates too High?   Although rates are still below their sixty-year average, last year ended with...

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Home Inspection for Turnkey Rentals — 3 Tips to Buy With Confidence

It bears repeating (because most people find it remarkable) — most of our clients buy turnkey rentals from us sight unseen. How can they do it? They get a profession complete a home inspection for Turnkey Rentals.   This gives many homeowners and real estate investors heart palpitations — especially...

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