House-Hacking vs. Turnkey Rentals — Which is Better?

When it comes to beginner-friendly real estate investing strategies, you have a few popular choices. There’s house-hacking, BRRRR, and our bread-and-butter — turnkey rentals.    We have written several articles comparing BRRRR to turnkey rentals (here’s the most recent one). Surprise surprise … a company called MartelTurnkey came down on...

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HAPPY LABOR DAY — How to Trade Labor for Financial Freedom

In addition to BBQs and the last hurrah for boat people, Labor Day is a time to reflect on our personal labor and how we value it.    Labor Day was established in the 19th Century to commemorate labor movements and honor the American working class. While we agree that...

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Protecting your Investment Property with an LLC — Pros and Cons

“I own it! It’s mine! Look at my name on the deed!”   If you are in the first stages of your investment journey, you might need to let go of these vestigial sentiments about “pride of ownership.” Seasoned investors know that having your name on deeds is just asking...

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BIG NEWS — We’ve Updated Our Cash Flow Summaries to Include Equity Buildup (And More!)

“So how much money am I going to make?” Everyone has that question when they consider a real estate investment — and there’s nothing wrong with that.    MartelTurnkey works hard to give you as good an answer as possible to that question before you buy one of our turnkey...

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How Much Should I Set Aside from my Rental Income for Cash Reserves?

One of the challenges of rental property investing is that the expenses aren’t consistent or predictable.    You might be sitting pretty for six months in a row with $500 positive cash flow and few repair expenses to eat into it. Congrats — you’re $3,000 richer! But then out of...

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Are Condos a Good Real Estate Investment or Are Single-Family Houses Better?

It’s easy to see the appeal of buying a condo as an investment rental property. First and foremost, they tend to be cheaper. You can usually get a condo for less out-of-pocket than a single-family house in the same neighborhood.   Condos can be a good investment. At MartelTurnkey we...

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Tenant Screening 101

MartelTurnkey clients don’t have to worry about screening tenants, at least not directly. We find the property, renovate it, place a tenant in, and put the rental under property management. Most of our clients never even see their investment property, let alone meet the tenant. Our job is to provide...

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Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Mortgage for an Investment Property

We have talked about how powerful it can be to invest in real estate with a mortgage loan for leverage. (Missed the article? Read it here.)    That’s all well and good, but how do you get a mortgage loan on an investment property like a turnkey rental house? Is...

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BIG NEWS — Cleveland Clinic to Expand, Adding 10,000 Jobs

In May of this year, Cleveland Clinic announced a $1.3 billion expansion and renovation of its facilities in Cleveland, Florida, and London. This includes the construction of a one-million-square-foot Neurological Institute and an expansion of the Cole Eye Institute.   Supported by charitable donations, these additions are expected to add...

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What are the Tax Advantages of Investing In Real Estate?

We talk about the tax advantages of real estate as if they are nothing … but they really are something.    At its founding, America was mostly undeveloped land. The tax code has evolved to heavily incentivize private investors to develop and maintain property for its highest, best use.   ...

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Here are 5 Reasons the World Loves US Real Estate

With the 4th of July weekend just behind us … it’s the perfect time to reflect on the fact that foreign investors absolutely love US real estate. Americans tend to take our own property for granted, but foreign investors have an insatiable demand for title to US real estate. That...

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What Does It Mean to be “Financially Free?”

We often talk about “financial freedom” here at MartelTurnkey.    On the surface, we’re a real estate company. “Thanks, Captain Obvious,” right? Our core business is to acquire rental properties and to help other people acquire cash flowing rental properties for their own portfolio.   But that’s what we do...

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