Does MartelTurnkey own the properties listed on the website?

Yes. We own all the properties you see listed.

How does MartelTurnkey make money?

We earn our money by seeking out distressed properties in economically viable markets across the U.S. We fully rehab those properties, put a property manager and tenant in place and then sell at a profit as turnkey rentals to real estate investors. There are no hidden fees or charges.

What are the steps involved in buying MartelTurnkey turnkey rentals?

There are a few steps involved. A helpful infographic can be found here.

Can I see the property in person before I buy?

Yes you can. However, most of the turnkey rentals that we have available already have tenants in place and we do not like to disturb the tenants.

Do all the properties come with tenants in place?

Yes, all of our turnkey rentals are sold with tenants in place.

How do I finance a purchase with MartelTurnkey?

We have lenders lined up ready to finance the purchases of your turnkey rental properties. Whether you will be using conventional financing or buying through your retirement account, we have lenders ready to go. You are free to use your own lender as well; however, we highly recommend using our lender as they already know our product, process, and neighborhoods.

Do you offer seller financing for your turnkey rentals?

MartelTurnkey is happy to offer seller financing in situations where the buyer has sufficient credit and meets our other criteria for seller financing. Set up a call with us here.

What can I do if I don’t have W2 income?

There are many alternative ways to finance turnkey rental property purchases. A thorough discussion of this topic can be found here.

How soon do I start getting income from a turnkey rental I’ve purchased?

Our goal for you is to buy our turnkey rentals with tenants in place, which means the cash flow begins to come in from day one!

What kind of insurance do I need?

A full discussion of turnkey rental insurance recommendations can be found here.

What if there is a fire or tornado?

Natural disasters would be handled through your rental property insurance company, just the same as your primary residence.

Does MartelTurnkey manage the turnkey rentals for us?

MartelTurnkey does not provide direct property management services. However, we do have a property management team in place for every turnkey rental property we own and sell. When you buy from us, you’ll have the same property manager that we use for our own properties. If you wish to use someone else, you’re always free to do so.

When will I be able to speak with the property management company?

You can contact the property management company about a property you have under contract. Just let us know and we will furnish the contact information.

How much does property management typically cost?

The property managers we use charge 10% of collected rents. If a new tenant is signing a lease then the property manager takes 1st months rent as a fee. If a tenant is renewing a lease then the property management company will charge a nominal fee of $100-300.

What if my tenant stops paying?

The property manager will advise you in this situation and act on your behalf to collect late fees and/or engage in court proceedings for eviction. All of the states that we invest in are landlord friendly states, which makes these processes inexpensive and effective.

How do I get repairs and maintenance done on an out of state property?

After the property management company receives the maintenance request from the tenant, they will arrange for repairs to be completed.