Our Team

Born in Toronto and raised in San Francisco, Antoine graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a B.A. in Business Entrepreneurship. Antoine, for the past four years, has been investing in residential & commercial real estate in key markets around the country. He has built a rental property portfolio with over $5M in assets. Antoine is also well versed in underwriting and analyzing commercial development deals.

Antoine Martel

Etienne has been involved with real estate for the past four years. He is well versed in property acquisitions, financial analysis, joint venture creation, and sourcing capital investors for investment projects. With this strong background knowledge of real estate investing, Etienne is able to help his clients identify, underwrite, and acquire investment properties. His clients range from fix and flip investors to developers and multi-dwelling owners.

Etienne Martel

Eric Martel has long been involved in real estate both in Canada and in the United States. Eric purchased his first multi-family property in Canada while still in college. After graduating in Actuarial Mathematics, Mr. Martel built a career in project management and business consulting. His 25 years of project management experience can ensure that our projects are successful.

Eric Martel