Why You Can Continue to Put Your Trust in Us

March 31st, 2020

The COVID-19 virus has shaken the faith of nearly every citizen on the planet. Every morning, we wake up to increased restrictions on movement and activities, and the human statistics seem to worsen with each passing hour. This global crisis is certainly testing our strength as individuals and as a civilization.


Throughout this pandemic, all of us at MartelTurnkey have worked hard to persevere in our mission to serve our investors. We have made adjustments where necessary and exercised flexibility without surrendering our high standards for quality and customer service.


In this time of crisis, it’s important to try to maintain a modicum of normalcy so that when it’s over, we can all get back to living and working as before. We want to let you know that our turnkey rental company remains operational even during this pandemic of epic proportions. We have projects in the works that are still moving forward, properties that are currently being rehabbed and turnkey rental properties available for our investors to buy. To quote Antoine, “Thankfully, the COVID-19 virus has actually not hurt our business at this point. We are still seeing a large number of tenants looking to move into our rehabbed properties, and since the interest rates are very low our buyers are buying up investment properties faster than ever.”

Our Journey to This Point

As you may know, we began MartelTurnkey with one goal in mind; to help our family and friends reap the amazing rewards of earning passive income through turnkey rentals. Our family and friends have grown exponentially over the years; largely, we believe, due to the value we place on them and how we treat them. We now consider you a part of our family and friends.


Our journey to this point hasn’t always been smooth. We’ve encountered all kinds of challenges along the way. But as a family company, we’ve always found a way to push through and move forward. We learned how to overcome adversity, together. Now is no different. We are still finding ways to push through and move forward during this challenging time, and we want you to know you can continue to trust in us.

Why Real Estate is Still Your Safest Investment

One of the things that seems to be so rocky during these times is the stock market. One day your portfolio has doubled overnight, and the next, your portfolio is in the negatives. It feels like it’s all based on the public’s level of panic that day. One frightening announcement from our leaders can entirely wipe out your investment. That’s a risk that we don’t think you should have to face, on top of everything else.


On the other hand, real estate is still a fantastic investment option. Mortgage rates are at their lowest right now, and lenders are eager to make deals. If you’ve ever even considered investing in real estate, now is definitely the right time to do it. Those low interest rates you keep hearing about? You can lock in that low rate for the next 20 to 30 years, no matter what the future holds. Right now, you have an opportunity that you’ll never see again, to start or build a real estate portfolio. This really is a once in a lifetime chance to lock in historic low rates.

Why You Can Trust MartelTurnkey Specifically

We know there are other turnkey companies out there vying for your attention. But our company is unique, and our investment properties are better. Why? For one thing, our turnkey rental properties are more affordable for tenants. This means fewer and less frequent vacancies for you, the landlord. Our tenants can typically pay their rent on a modest income because the rentals are in affordable neighborhoods with modest rental rates. Other turnkey companies may boast class A properties in expensive neighborhoods, but when those white collar tenants can’t pay their multi-thousand dollar rents, it’s the landlords who get stuck with the mortgage payment. And now, more than ever, you want a property that is affordable, near reliable job opportunities that pay decent wages. That’s what you’ll find at MartelTurnkey. That’s what we offer our investors, and that’s why 80% of our investors are repeat customers.


We know these are scary times. But we also know this is temporary. Eventually it will all be over and the interest rates will go up again. We don’t know how long it will take the stock market to recover, but we do know you can still start earning passive income from day one with your investment in a MartelTurnkey rental investment right now.


We’re going about our business, every day, and we’ll continue to be here for you. Please contact us any time with any questions or comments you may have. From our family to yours, stay healthy.