11 Awesome Real Estate Investing Podcasts

October 19th, 2021

As a real estate investor, you are always searching for that next great property. But along the way, you also need to find out the little-known facts that separate the winners from the losers in the real estate game. To do so, more and more savvy investors are turning to podcasts.  Filled with useful information that is always presented in an interesting and fun manner, podcasts are great to listen to while driving around the city, working out at the gym, or other times as well. If you’re ready to get good information that will take your real estate investing to the next level, here are eleven awesome real estate investing podcasts you need to be tuning into on a regular basis.


1. Break Away From the Rat Race


This podcast by our own Eric Martel comes from the perspective of someone who has actually done what he’s suggesting others do. Unlike some other “gurus” out there, Eric Martel has personal experience and is a true expert. Not only does Eric interview other experts, though. His background as an actuary also gives him unique insight and expertise on the subject of financial freedom. In this podcast, learn everything from how to leverage your IRA to invest in real estate to house hacking as a path to wealth. 


2. Bigger Pockets


A podcast featuring off-the-cuff interviews with investors, hosts Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner talk to investors of various backgrounds to find out not only about their strategies, but also about their successes and failures. With each episode, you’ll likely come away with a strategy you’ll want to try.


3. Real Estate Rockstars


With a name like this, you’re sure to tune in now and then. Hosted by Pat Hiban, this podcast focuses on the tricks and tips its guests have used over the years to build their real estate wealth.  Once you start listening, expect to hear a variety of strategies as to how to invest in various types of properties and much more.


4. Cashflow Diary


One of the more unique podcasts, Cashflow Diary was created by J. Massey and has been a great way to get his real estate knowledge to the masses. When you listen, you’ll hear episodes focusing on buying and selling properties, closing deals, making your offers, and other important topics. If you like what you hear, Massey is also a sales coach and instructor who offers free training courses to investors who are both new to the game or quite experienced.


5. Agent Caffeine


If you are passionate about becoming the best real estate investor in the world today, listen to the Agent Caffeine podcast. Host Kelly Mitchell spends many episodes discussing current and future trends within real estate investing, and also offers unique insight into how the latest technology can be used by investors to build their portfolios. Best of all, this podcast provides tons of inspirational advice that will help you not lose sight of the big picture as you continue your real estate investment journey.


6. Motley Fool Money Show


Fast-paced and irreverent, the Motley Fool Money Show podcast gives you not only plenty of great financial information as it relates to real estate, but also provides insight on how psychology plays such a crucial role in whether or not a real estate deal is successful. 


7. Smart Passive Income


If you are a new real estate investor, make it a point to listen to the Smart Passive Income podcast. A no-nonsense guide to real estate investing, its goal is to show you how to build real estate wealth without having to work 40 or more hours per week in the process. Hosted by well-known entrepreneur Pat Flynn, you’ll come away from this podcast knowing you got some of the best advice available today.


8. Real Estate Today Radio


This podcast, founded by the National Association of Realtors, discusses the latest real estate trends in ways that are easy to understand for the average real estate investor. If you are a beginning real estate investor who is eager to learn the basics so that you can minimize your mistakes early on, this is the podcast you should listen to each time host Stephen Gasque goes on the air.


9. Duct Tape Marketing


If you are an investor who loves to think outside the box and use unique strategies to build your portfolio, listen to each and every episode of Duct Tape Marketing. Hosted by experienced businessman John Jantsch, you’ll hear compelling interviews with authors, investors, and others who share the tips and tactics they’ve used over the years to achieve investment success. Should you be wanting to develop new marketing strategies and generate more leads, you’ve come to the right place.


10. Jared James Today


Considered perhaps the most energetic and engaging real estate podcast out there today, Jared James Today will give you lots of practical tips you can start implementing in your investment strategy the very next day. James, who is well-known for his fantastic YouTube training videos and energetic speaking engagements, has put together a podcast you won’t want to miss.


11. The Investor’s Podcast


Finally, there is The Investor’s Podcast. The most downloaded investing podcast, it is aimed at real estate investors who are serious about making money and learning all they can about the latest financial news in the U.S. and around the world. An excellent podcast for new and experienced investors, you can also learn about the various habits and traits of the world’s most successful investors. Before you know it, you may be taking the strategies you learn from this podcast and placing yourself among the world’s best quicker than you ever imagined.



Whether you find one of these podcasts you’re loyal to or decide to jump around and listen to numerous ones now and then, you’re sure to come away as a much smarter real estate investor. From Jared James to the Motley Fools and more, you can’t go wrong with these eleven great real estate podcasts.






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