3 Reasons to Buy Your Turnkey Rental As Soon as Possible

December 21st, 2021

Are you a new or existing turnkey rental property investor? MartelTurnkey has a large inventory of turnkey rental properties ready to be added to your investment portfolio. Whether you’re looking for a turnkey property in Detroit, St. Louis, Memphis or Cleveland, you’ll find a property that’s ready to buy as soon as possible. Now’s the time to buy. Smart investors are snatching up rental property inventory just as soon as it becomes available. Here are three reasons to buy your turnkey rental as soon as you can.


1.  Tax Deduction


Have you ever wondered how the world’s richest individuals manage their taxes? Well, for starters, they usually have a CPA to manage taxes for them. We always recommend that real estate investors use a tax professional, too. But aside from that, the other practice that wealthy individuals do every year is take a preview of their tax burden for the following year. For instance, Elon Musk already knows an approximation of what he’ll be paying in taxes in 2022. He claims that he (or his company) will pay more than $11 billion in taxes for this year’s business. Your tax burden in 2022 won’t come anywhere near that mark, of course. But the lesson to be learned is to look ahead while you can still do something about it. There’s a reason why millionaires and billionaires are already looking at next year’s tax bill; because now is the time they can do something about it. Transactions you complete by the end of the year will influence how much you pay in April 2022. Don’t wait until April Fools Day to find out you should have taken a more proactive approach to your taxes. If you act fast, you can get in some great tax deductions regarding your real estate investments. You might even be able to buy your first or next turnkey rental property or at least get the ball rolling, by December 31.


2.  Rising Interest Rates


Interest rates on mortgages are rising. They are still historically low, which is why now is the best time to buy a turnkey rental property. According to the latest news, the Federal Reserve plans to hike interest rates three times in 2022. Do you feel like testing your luck and waiting to see when the first increase will be? Higher interest rates are meant to help control the inflation that we’ve all seen. But higher interest rates on mortgages mean you’ll be paying more for your mortgage loan. Now, the good news is that MartelTurnkey had the foresight to scoop up lots of investment properties in Detroit, Cleveland, Memphis and St. Louis in 2021. We can pass those savings on to our investors. But when home prices go up next year—and they likely will—that means that new properties we buy won’t have that added savings packed into the price. Our advice is to buy your turnkey rental as soon as possible; today is a good day to make the call.


3.  Good Inventory Right Now


As of the time of this writing, we have 16 turnkey rental properties available for sale. Which one will you choose? We have several 3-bedrooms, three 2-bedrooms and even a 4-bedroom, which fetches $1,050 a month in rent for some lucky investor who snaps it up. This is good inventory, but it won’t last long. Typically, you’ll find that we don’t have this many properties for sale at one time. The only reason we do now is because, as mentioned earlier, we took advantage of record low interest rates to stock up. We suggest you do the same by choosing one of our turnkey rental properties today!


These are several reasons why you should pull the trigger on buying a turnkey rental as soon as possible. Don’t wait another year to get started earning passive income for you and your family. If you have any questions about what it’s like to work with us or what the process is like, feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you right away!



Customer Testimonial:


“Buying investment properties through MartelTurnkey has been an awesome experience. So much so that I started working on my second acquisition shortly after closing on the first house. The Martel family go out of their way to take care of their customers. I look forward to growing my real estate portfolio with them!”


Dan, Jersey City, NJ




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