5 Real Estate Youtube Channels You Need To Follow

October 20th, 2020

Thanks to the internet, we have endless amounts of information literally at our fingertips whenever we need or want it. That being said, however, because there is so much information out there, it’s difficult to discern what’s useful information from what’s not. When it comes to real estate, by doing a quick Google search, you’ll realize that there’s what feels like an endless supply of advice, tips and best practices in the industry from thousands of different “experts”. Which is why it’s important to narrow down what you’re reading and who you’re trusting in order to ensure that you’re getting the best information possible. Youtube just so happens to be one of the greatest resources when it comes to real estate education, thanks to a handful of experts who spend a lot of time creating videos packed with invaluable information. In order to save you some time sifting through real estate Youtube accounts, we’ve broken down the five most popular, and beneficial Youtube channels to follow. Below are five that each have their own specialties but that are all equally as engaging and informative. 


Graham Stephan

Graham Stephen has one of the most popular Youtube channels on our list with a whopping 2.47 million subscribers. And it makes sense why so many people turn to him advice. He’s a 30 year old who has a track record of over $120,000,000 in residential real estate sales, making him one of the best real estate experts out there. His Youtube channel has an array of videos – some of which talk about his personal journey in real estate, while others talk about his love of cars. Most of them, however, all share some sort of lesson he’s learned and how he learned it. His real estate videos tend to focus on remodeling and renovation, sources of passive income, real estate investment and the most beneficial real estate strategies. 



Bigger Pockets 

BiggerPockets is a company founded by Joshua Dorkin in 2004 that is dedicated to helping people learn about real estate and how it works. The channel boasts a massive 612,000 subscribers who are sure to find any type of real estate advice they may need, whenever they need it. The channel offers content that covers every aspect of real estate investing from analyzing deals, how to find and finance properties, tips and advice, and so much more. And, unlike the other channels on the list, BiggerPockets features videos from an array of experts who specialize in different aspects of real estate. Within five minutes of heading to this channel, you’ll be hooked. 



Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is a businessman, investor, CEO of seven privately held companies and most importantly, founder of Cardone Capital, a real estate investment firm with $1 billion assets under management. Listed as “one of the top social media business influencers in the world,” by Forbes, Cardone is an expert when it comes to all things real estate investments. His channel consists of videos that contain book reviews, real estate advice, real estate hacks, and real estate lead generation. 


Antoine Martel

One of the owners of Martel Turnkey, Antoine Martel, just so happens to have one of the best real estate Youtube channels out there. And that’s because he is an expert at a quickly growing real estate niche: turnkey rentals. Originally from San Mateo, California, Martel now owns turnkey rental properties throughout the United States and is passionate about helping others do the same. His proven real estate investment strategies have enabled countless clients realize passive income and financial freedom through out-of-state turnkey rental properties. Since its founding, MartelTurnkey, with Antoine Martel at the helm, has sold well over $11 million worth of cash flowing real estate. His Youtube channel is packed with years of real estate knowledge, interviews with other real estate experts, tours of turnkey rental properties, and renovations. 


Eric Martel

Last but not least is Eric Martel, father of Antoine Martel, owner of Martel Turnkey and author of newly published book Stop Trading Your Time For Money. His channel is called “Break Away for The Rat Race” because it shows you how to do just that: quit your nine-to-five and start making money on your own terms. His videos are designed specifically to help the middle class break away from the nine-to-five rat race and empower them to pursue their dream career – in his case, real estate. His videos consist of inspiring interviews with a variety of real estate investors such as ex-football player, Jason Stewart; author of “One Rental at a Time”, Michael Zuber; and Fix-and-Flipper focused in Pittsburg, PA, Jessie Di Lillo, amongst others. His channel along with Antoine’s weave across generational boundaries. Whereas Antoine speak to the younger investor, Eric addresses issues that baby boomers tend to struggle with. Between Eric and Antoine, you’re guaranteed to get a master’s degree worth of real estate investing information for free. Similar to Antoine, Eric’s videos are full of substance, tips and tricks, analysis tools, and remarkable stories from everyday investors. Overall, he does a great job at demonstrating how to use real estate investing to achieve financial freedom, retire early and leave a legacy for future generations. 



If you currently are in the real estate industry or you’re looking to get into it, all of these channels will provide you with an unbelievable amount of information on practically all areas you’d ever be interested in. Whether you want to learn how to become a real estate agent, broker a real estate deal, find the best investment property, or learn real estate lingo, any one of these channels is a great place to start. 

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