6 Things Our Clients Do When They Achieve Financial Freedom

February 7th, 2023

Most investors come to Martel Turnkey on the quest for financial freedom. We dig deeper into what this means in this article, but in a nutshell, it means they have enough passive cash flow from rent income that they no longer have to report to work in order to sustain their lifestyle financially. 


What would you do if you no longer had to work? For a lot of people, worn down by the rat race, the obvious answer that springs to mind is “Nothing at all!” But believe it or not, even lounging on beaches gets old after a while. 


You have to do something with all that free time. In fact, in our experience, having a plan for that free time makes our clients more likely to actually achieve financial freedom — because they have a clear “North Star”  in mind.


Here are six things our clients tend to do after achieving financial freedom once they can no longer stomach another Mai Tai … 

1. Start A Business

Many of our clients dream of doing freelance work, starting a consultancy, or starting a business based on their passions. They never pull the trigger, though, because they craved the security of a paycheck. As such, they remain salaried workers in service of someone else’s vision rather than serving a vision of their own.


Financial freedom gives them the safety net they need to take the leap. It gives them the courage to try, fail, and try again. And if the business hits, they can, create jobs, solve problems, add value to the marketplace, and drastically increase their financial legacy

2. Become Stay-At-Home Parents

Many of our clients are parents of minor children, and all of them agree on one thing — life would be a lot more fulfilling if they got to spend less time at the office and more time with their children. 


Financial freedom empowers them to be stay-at-home parents. Some of them decide to start home-schooling their children. All of them build stronger relationships and nurture in their children a greater sense of confidence and self-worth. Still others enjoy a significant financial boost simply by eliminating their day-care expenses.

3. Do Charity or Non-Profit Work

Many of our clients wish they could do work that makes a difference in the world outside of solving business problems and fattening up the shareholders’ stock prices. They long for the personal fulfillment of non-profit work … but they can’t absorb that kind of pay cut.


Financial freedom enables them to take on the work that matters to them, not just the work that pays the mortgage and fills the college fund. Many are even able to do the volunteer or pro bono work 

4. Take Up Hobbies

Most people have a hobby they always meant to take up. Learn a language, learn a musical instrument, learn a dance style, play sports, practice martial arts, write or paint. Things that enrich your life … but take time and attention. 


With financial freedom, you have all the time in the world. The sky’s the limit for the amount of value you could add to your life through new hobbies and interests. Some of our clients become full-on renaissance men and women, chocked to the gills with interesting and amazing hobbies.

5. Travel The World

It’s near the top of nearly every bucket list — see the world! Hard to do if you’re anchored to a job … but easy to do if you’re financially free. You don’t have to request time off … Just book a ticket and go!


Some of our clients even go so far as to sell their home and possessions and become full-time nomads, living in hotels and bed-and-breakfasts, touching down in a new magical destination each month. Others downsize to an RV or a motorcycle and become road warriors.

6. Buy More Real Estate!

Just because you have achieved financial freedom doesn’t mean the party is over! Many of our clients become addicted to the thrill of buying new property … but unlike retail therapy, it’s a buying impulse that makes them richer instead of poorer. Why stop at financial freedom? We have a legacy to build!




Whatever you dream of doing after punching the clock is a thing of the past, our job at MartelTurnkey is to help you get there. Check out our inventory of ready-to-go properties, renovated with tenants in place. With our help, you can easily, quickly, and affordably start building a portfolio of passive cash flow — one that will eventually set you free!

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