Building Tomorrow: Millennial Real Estate Legacy Strategies

December 5th, 2023
Leaving a RE Legacy

MartelTurnkey attracts individuals from diverse backgrounds seeking cash-flowing assets poised for appreciation. One notable demographic displaying a growing interest in turnkey real estate investment is the Millennial generation. These individuals, aged 26 to 41, have emerged as strategic builders of financial legacies, carving a distinct path amid societal changes. 


Contrary to certain stereotypes, many Millennials, whether employed, freelancers or small business owners, possess impressive amounts of disposable income. And many view turnkey rental real estate as a more accessible and secure investment compared to the stock market investments that their parents favored, yet sharing a common focus on leaving a lasting legacy. With familial responsibilities in mind, they contemplate the impact of their digital and economic presence, recognizing life’s finite nature. 


In 2022, 54% of purchase mortgage applications came from Millennials, according to CoreLogic. Millennials incorporate turnkey real estate into their legacies in several ways:



Millennials often leverage property ownership as a means of self-expression, naming properties after family members or adopting creative titles. One fun example is a MartelTurnkey client who named his two houses, “Thing One” and “Thing Two” for his future  children. Others choose to express their individualism by imprinting their family name on the buildings themselves, ensuring a lasting historical record.


Financial Legacy

Having witnessed unprecedented economic fluctuations, such as the epic rise and fall of Bitcoin, many Millennials prioritize real estate over volatile markets. They understand that, unlike stock ownership, real estate allows them to influence critical choices, such as location and tenant selection. They may envision accumulating a rental property portfolio, offering their children and loved ones diverse financial options for the future, transcending traditional notions of home ownership. It’s their version of building for tomorrow.


For the Children

Beyond naming and financial considerations, turnkey rentals provide Millennials with a valuable platform for imparting hands-on financial education. Recognizing the shortcomings of modern formal education, they value the opportunity to cultivate financially literate descendants, laying the foundation for a generation on the path to financial freedom.




If you share a similar focus on legacy, consider reaching out to MartelTurnkey for a conversation. Discover how we simplify the process of buying and owning turnkey rentals, making it approachable for you to construct a real estate empire that not only secures financial freedom but also leaves an enduring mark on posterity.

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