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January 16th, 2024

St. Louis, Missouri has emerged as a prime destination for those seeking a harmonious blend of investment opportunities and quality living. Strategically positioned near major cities such as Chicago and Nashville, St. Louis offers a unique mix of accessibility and affordability. Known for its iconic Gateway Arch, St. Louis is more than just a symbol of Westward expansion. It’s a burgeoning hub for investors, families and entrepreneurs alike.


A Haven for Homebuyers and Investors


The city’s real estate market is thriving, showcasing an increasing value in homes and a steady demand for housing. Notably, areas within St. Louis feature in the list of “Top 25 Most Affordable Places to Live,” underscoring the cost-effectiveness of its housing and living expenses. This affordability extends to healthcare, adding another layer of appeal for residents. It’s a housing market ripe with potential: affordable, yet increasing in value. This unique blend makes the city a magnet for savvy investors seeking lucrative rental markets and appreciating property values.


A Hub for Major Corporations and Startups


St. Louis’s economic landscape is bolstered by the presence of industry giants such as Express Scripts, Microsoft, Boeing, BJAC, Mastercard and Purina. Furthermore, the city is witnessing significant growth in its startup scene, evidenced by a 3 billion dollar development in its central corridor. This robust business environment aligns with the findings of the FRED report, which highlights a steady rise in the city’s GDP since 2010.


A Paradise for Nature and Leisure Lovers


Beyond its economic appeal, St. Louis caters to a diverse array of interests. From serene country living to the bustling river life, the city is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The proximity to wineries, golf courses, and hiking trails makes it an ideal location for those who cherish nature and leisure activities.


Community-minded Development


Recently, the City of St. Louis’ Community Development Administration (CDA) has announced the final round of Neighborhood Transformation Grants, totaling $10.2 million. These grants, funded by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), are aimed at enhancing city neighborhoods through various community-driven projects. Key areas of focus include beautification programs, development projects, capacity building for non-profit organizations and home repair programs for moderate and low-income homeowners. 


A Bounty of Activities


Both residents and visitors have a bounty of activities to choose from in St. Louis and surrounding areas, too. 


 – Sports Attractions


Sports enthusiasts among your tenants will revel in the city’s rich sports culture. Home to the 11-time World Series champions, the St. Louis Cardinals, and the thrilling St. Louis Blues hockey team, there’s always a game to catch and a team to cheer for, ensuring a lively and spirited community environment.


 – Six Flags St. Louis


For those seeking excitement, Six Flags St. Louis is a favorite. From exhilarating roller coasters to a refreshing water park, it offers endless fun for families and thrill-seekers alike, making it a perfect weekend getaway without leaving the city.


 – Culinary Delights


Food lovers appreciate St. Louis’s vibrant culinary scene. Bogart’s Smokehouse offers some of the best barbecues in the city, while Rooster is renowned for its delightful breakfast and brunch options. These dining spots provide a taste of local flavors that are sure to be tenant favorites.


 – Cultural Hotspots


For the intellectually curious, the Saint Louis Science Center and the St. Louis Art Museum offer enriching experiences. These cultural institutions provide a mix of art, history, and science, perfect for tenants looking to explore and learn.


 – Unique Neighborhoods


The Delmar Loop neighborhood, with its eclectic mix of shops, eateries, and galleries, offers your tenants a vibrant community to explore and enjoy. It’s a place where they can experience the city’s diverse culture and arts scene, making their weekends more exciting and fulfilling.


 – Historic Charm


History buffs will appreciate the proximity to places like the Campbell House Museum, offering a glimpse into the 19th-century lifestyle of St. Louis. It’s a unique opportunity to connect with the city’s rich historical heritage.


 – Family Fun


The City Museum is a wonderland for both kids and adults, featuring interactive exhibits that encourage exploration and creativity. It’s a great spot for tenants with families or those who are young at heart.


St. Louis stands as a compelling choice for investors, entrepreneurs and families alike. Its blend of economic growth, affordable living, and recreational richness positions it as a city on the rise, perfect for those looking to invest, work or simply enjoy a balanced lifestyle. St. Louis is still affordable for real estate investors, but this won’t be the case for long. Click here to see our turnkey rentals in St. Louis or contact us for more information about investing with MartelTurnkey.


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