Exploring Euclid, Ohio:
Insights on Real Estate, Demographics, and Safety

March 20th, 2023

Euclid, Ohio is popular with investors seeking appreciating turnkey rental properties.  Having renovated and sold over 50 houses in this city, we have watched it appreciate and improve over time.  House values continue to increase and rents remain strong. Join us as we explore 12 criteria that make this city so popular with investors.


Affordability: Euclid offers a more affordable cost of living than many other cities in the Cleveland area, making it an attractive option for those looking for a more budget-friendly location.  For investors, this means cash flowing houses can be purchased for under $150,000.


Proximity to Cleveland and airports: Euclid is just a short drive from Cleveland, providing easy access to all the amenities and attractions of a larger city. At the same time, the large yards and recreation amenities attract young families from the city. Euclid is also located just a short drive from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, providing easy access to domestic and international travel.


Growing economy: Euclid has a diverse economy, with a mix of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, and education, which helps to provide stability and growth opportunities. Cleveland Clinic and Amazon are two very big employers in Euclid.


Strong housing market: Euclid’s housing market has remained relatively stable, with a healthy mix of both new and established homes.


Community events: Euclid offers a variety of community events throughout the year, from festivals to outdoor concerts, providing opportunities to get to know your neighbors. A strong sense of community makes for long term residents.


Access to Lake Erie: Located on the shores of Lake Erie providing access to beaches, boating, and other water activities. The new Euclid Lakefront Trail is a popular destination for walkers, runners, and cyclists, offering scenic views of Lake Erie and nearby parks and green spaces. It also serves as an important link in the larger network of trails and paths in the Cleveland area. It is part of the Lakefront Bikeway, a system of bike paths that spans the entire length of the Cleveland lakefront, and connects to other trails and paths throughout the region….which leads us to….


Parks and recreation: Euclid has a number of parks and outdoor recreational areas, including Euclid Creek Reservation and Sims Park, which offer hiking trails, playgrounds, and picnic areas. Briardale Golf course is here, C.E. Orr Arena and don’t miss the Polka Hall of Fame!


Schools: Euclid has a number of highly-rated public and private schools, providing families with access to quality education options.


Access to healthcare: Euclid has a number of healthcare providers, including Euclid Hospital and Cleveland Clinic Euclid Hospital, ensuring that residents have access to quality medical care. Cleveland Clinic is one of the top rated hospitals in the country, in fact it’s been named The Number One Hospital in the country for cardiology and heart surgery for more than 20 years.


Historic architecture: Euclid has a number of beautiful historic homes and buildings, providing a unique and charming aesthetic to the city.


Diversity: Euclid is a diverse community with a mix of different cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicities.


Safety: Euclid is generally considered a safe community with a relatively low violent crime rate compared to other cities in Ohio. The Euclid Police Department works hard to maintain public safety and provides resources and programs to help prevent crime and increase community engagement.


Overall, Euclid offers a variety of benefits, from affordability and a strong sense of community to access to outdoor recreation, job opportunities, and quality healthcare. These factors make Euclid an attractive option for those looking to buy property in Ohio. We currently have several houses available in Euclid. Click here to see our inventory and add a Euclid house to your portfolio.


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