How to Safely Buy a Turnkey Rental Sight Unseen

February 13th, 2024
Buy turnkey house sight with confidence

You can buy almost anything online these days, including real estate. People do it every day, all over the world. Still, if buying a turnkey rental property is new to you, you may wonder how safe it is to buy this kind of real estate sight unseen.


On the surface, it might sound scary. But there are ways to protect yourself—and your money—when buying investment property without seeing it first. Lots of people are making passive income with turnkey rentals even though they never clapped eyes on the property in person. You can, too!

Benefits of Buying a Turnkey Rental Out of State


The idea of buying a rental property without viewing it first implies that it’s located out of state, or far enough away that it’s not a simple matter to get to from where you live. But the real key is that buying turnkey rentals out of state allows you to get in on a real estate market that’s better than the one where you reside. 


So even if you live in a beautiful area where the property values are sky high—and out of your reach—you can still have a profitable real estate venture. 


You Can Trust MartelTurnkey Because We Did it Ourselves


For example, at MartelTurnkey, our family attempted to delve into the real estate business in the San Francisco Bay area, where we lived. Looking back it’s rather shocking to recount how “putting in an offer” worked. 


Hearing of a home for sale, herds of people appeared at the Open House. Even without a sign indicating the open house, there were a few key indicators you were within close proximity to the house:  One was the lack of parking, or rather, cars (and flatbed trucks) parked triple deep on a narrow street; and the other indicator was by the crowd of people gathered on a driveway, or porch, or snooping around the yard, impatiently waiting to get access to the forlorn house. (Admittance was often restricted and regulated to a few people at a time.) Frequently we found ourselves offering way too much for fixer-uppers, which required extreme repair, and then waiting a few days to see if we were the lucky ones whose offer was accepted. Most times, it was not. 


We persevered, and eventually experimented buying out of state properties in areas that were affordable and you didn’t have to fight as hard to successfully buy. With a remarkable amount of actuarial research, analysis and grit, we focused on a few cities where we still work today. These markets were not HOT at the time, but ripe for the picking. Markets like Memphis, and Cleveland to start with, and eventually we expanded.


The rest is history. For eight years, we have been busy building a multimillion dollar company, helping rookies and experienced investors alike, to reach their goals in real estate, through ownership of turnkey rental properties. Our reputation and genuine concern for our clients has resulted in great things for many people.


So when you want to know how to safely buy turnkey rental property without seeing it, your first step is—you probably already guessed it—

Buy from an experienced, reputable and highly-respected company. MartelTurnkey.


What Else Do I Get With a MartelTurnkey Property?


There are other reasons to buy your turnkey rental from MartelTurnkey when you’re buying an investment property sight unseen. 


– We Help Find Financing Options


Buying investment property sometimes poses a challenge for borrowers. And if you’re not someone with W-2 income, well, that’s another challenge. We have established lenders that we will introduce you to. Lenders who are experienced in investment properties and lend in the states where we do business.


– We Put Tenants in Place


A turnkey rental isn’t going to generate passive income without a paying tenant. All the rentals we sell have paying tenants in place with a lease, and that all goes to you when you buy a turnkey rental from us.


– We Put Property Management in Place


The same thing goes with passive income. It’s not passive if you’re the one collecting the rent and fielding tenant calls. All of our properties come with a property management company already doing the heavy lifting. They’re yours to continue a relationship with if you want.


We hope this makes you feel more confident about safely buying a turnkey sight unseen. 


What other questions can we answer for you? Use our online contact form to schedule a call or go ahead and browse our available turnkey rentals right now. We look forward to doing business with you!

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