Landlord Friendly Laws in Missouri

November 30th, 2021

As a real estate investor, it’s important to know that the state where you will be purchasing turnkey rentals has laws in place that are very landlord-friendly. If you are considering one of our turnkey rental properties in St. Louis, Missouri, you’ll be happy to know that  Missouri is very landlord-friendly in terms of its laws. To gain a better understanding of the landlord-friendly laws in Missouri, here are some points to remember.


Your Rights as a Landlord


Landlords in Missouri have certain basic rights under law. The most important include the right to collect rent from your tenants, the right to seek and be given reimbursement for any property damage caused by your tenants, and the right to pursue evictions of tenants should they commit lease violations. Should a tenant attempt to dispute these rights, the law is on your side as the landlord.


Implied Warranty of Habitability


As a Missouri landlord, you are required by law to provide a dwelling that is considered to be sufficient for human habitation. However, Missouri law does not have a specific number of amenities covered in its warrant of habitability.  Rather, you as the landlord will be operating under what is known as the “implied warranty of habitability.” But remember, this warrant is not actually codified into law. Because of this, requirements for what are considered to be “human habitation” are open to legal interpretation.


In providing a dwelling that is habitable for humans, Missouri landlords are expected to make any necessary repairs requested by tenants as soon as possible. However, when requested repairs are not made by their landlord, tenants in Missouri have no legal authority to take alternative action, such as going to court over the matter.


When you do rent an apartment, house, or commercial property to a tenant in Missouri, you will be responsible for any and all amenities that were in place when the lease was signed by the tenant, so always keep this in mind. This includes the HVAC system and any appliances, as well as other amenities.


Pursuing Evictions


Always a potentially complex matter for any landlord, you will be glad to know that Missouri law is clearly on your side should this type of situation arise. In fact, Missouri landlords can pursue evictions for such matters as nonpayment of rent, various types of lease violations, and when they have proof that tenants are engaging in illegal acts. 


If you believe a tenant is committing such illegal acts as selling drugs, soliciting prostitution, or hosting illegal gambling at your property, Missouri law allows you to file a 10-Day Notice to Quit. If your tenant refuses to vacate, you are then allowed to file an Unlawful Detainer lawsuit.


For violation of a lease, you can also file a 10-Day Notice to Quit or Cure. If the tenant doesn’t correct the problem within this period of time, you are then allowed to pursue eviction. However, if the lease violation is considered to be extreme, state law allows you to seek immediate eviction. 


As for nonpayment of rent, most landlords in Missouri offer their tenants a grace period in which they can avoid eviction by making a payment. However, you are not required by Missouri law to issue any type of notice to your tenant regarding unpaid rent after the grace period has expired. Instead, you can seek immediate eviction if you so choose.


Entering Without Permission


In many states, landlords are not allowed to enter a tenant’s residence or business without first having permission to do so. However, that’s not the case in Missouri. Instead, state law does not specifically outline notification procedures for entering a unit. As such, you or your acting agent, your property management company, are free to enter a tenant’s unit, so long as you have what would be considered a justifiable reason. 


The only exception to this would be if you and your tenant have a written lease that specifically outlines entry notification policies, which you can choose to include or not include in the lease agreement.  


Landlord Retaliation


Surprising to many potential real estate investors, Missouri does not have any state laws in place that prohibit landlords from retaliating against their tenants for any act within their legal rights. However, this does not mean you should make this your standard course of action. Though no specific laws are in place, going too far in terms of retaliatory actions could bring you many unexpected and costly legal headaches. Typically, when you have quality tenants, such actions are rarely necessary.


If you are seeking a landlord-friendly state in which to invest, Missouri is a great choice. By knowing how the law will apply to you as the landlord as well as your tenants, your investment venture can prove to be a success. This is why MartelTurnkey has chosen to invest in turnkey rental properties in St. Louis, as well as other certain areas throughout the country. We are always thinking of your advantages as a landlord in addition to your investment interests.



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