Maximize Retirement Account Returns With Real Estate

June 9th, 2020

While many people’s retirement accounts were cruising along in 2019, they quickly hit a major bump in the road once COVID-19 rolled into existence in early 2020. With businesses closing and unemployment soaring to frightening levels, the stock market and, subsequently, retirement accounts took a nosedive. Though the economy will undoubtedly eventually recover, the fact is that the stock market isn’t doing your retirement account much good. Whatever gains you previously enjoyed have likely been wiped out by the pandemic, and it will be a long road to recovery. If you are eager to maximize your returns and gain much greater levels of control over your retirement, consider self-directing your retirement account.


Access More Investment Funds

Whether you are already partially invested in turnkey rentals or you’re still in the education phase, you probably know how much more stable and reliable real estate investments are than stocks. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to invest more money into what you know works rather than have the most important savings account in your life tied to a stock market that is constantly heaving with the whims of public opinion and social and political unrest? You’ll have the opportunity to make higher returns in the long run by being able to access more of your investment dollars through self-directing your retirement account.  


Take Over the Decision-Making Process

If you feel you’re a savvy investor, you’ve probably experienced frustration that you have little or no say in where your retirement account money is invested. One of the most satisfying benefits of self-directing your retirement account is the newfound power to make decisions on where to invest your own retirement savings. Instead of being at the mercy of financial managers who get the same commission whether or not your account grows in value, you can leverage your own real estate knowledge to get maximum returns.  


Maximize Returns

You’ve probably heard it said that smart investors can find ways to make money in any kind of market. But how can you possibly make dependable money in the stock market these days when everything is in such turmoil? 2020 has been a nightmare year. From political dissent to global health crisis to social unrest and upheaval, it’s all been played out on a massive scale. The effects on the stock market have been harsh. However, the real estate market offers unprecedented opportunities for smart investors. Mortgage rates are at historical lows. This is the perfect time to get in on real estate investing through turnkey rentals and see average returns of 15% or more.


If you’re sick and tired of having your investment choices limited by financial services companies, make the move to self-directing your retirement account so you can invest in real estate. Since there is no way of knowing when businesses and jobs will recover from the COVID-19 crisis, the stock market is likely to experience many more ups and downs. By relying on the safety and security of turnkey rentals, you’ll gain peace of mind as well as see higher returns for your retirement account.  Next  week we’ll be giving you more information about exactly how to go about self-directing your retirement account so you can access more funds to invest in turnkey rentals.


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