Meet the Martels

February 16th, 2021

You probably know a lot about MartelTurnkey and the quality turnkey rentals that are available here on the website. But how much do you know about the Martels themselves? Since MartelTurnkey is a family company, we thought you’d like to get to know each family member a bit more personally, beyond their professional roles in the company. So here’s your chance to meet the Martels: Eric, Lynn, Antoine and Etienne.

Eric Martel

As the patriarchal head of the Martel family, Eric Martel is a father whose first priority is to love and protect his family. He decided long ago that family was more important than working long hours for the almighty dollar. In doing so, he and his two sons discovered a path to passive income that led to MartelTurnkey.


Being a father to Antoine and Etienne has been an adventure in itself. Eric supported a succession of interesting entrepreneurial projects thought of and implemented by Antoine. And he has always supported Etienne’s dreams of working for himself one day. A lover of adventure, Eric made a point of showing his young sons as much of the world as he could afford and helping them to see the possibilities in the world around them. Trips to Costa Rica and Italy were paid for with long hours and business trips that took Eric far from home. The formation and building of MartelTurnkey changed all that, and Eric is now able to work alongside his family, not away from them. 


Eric is always enthusiastic about trying new things and enjoying every bit that life has to offer. He enjoys boating, fine wines, good food and outdoor activities like hiking, biking and open water swimming . He’s also a fantastic cook, although it’s always a toss up between he and Lynn as to who gets dibs on the kitchen at dinner time. A statistician and actuary, Eric is the analyst at MartelTurnkey, creating spreadsheets, charts and graphs tracking and predicting trends with incredible accuracy.  Eric is proud of his first book, which came out this year, entitled, “Stop Trading Your Time For Money.”

Lynn Milos Martel

As matriarch of the Martel family, Lynn has provided a happy and comfortable home for her husband and sons—no matter where that home has been. Lynn grew up in Vancouver, although she was born in Niagara Falls, Canada. Her brother introduced her to his boating buddy, Eric, and it was love at first sight. 


Always excited to travel, and in search of a better climate and tech opportunities, Lynn managed the family’s relocation to the San Francisco Bay area with their two young sons, Antoine and Etienne. The West Coast suits Lynn’s personality and talents. Lynn’s vivacious personality has always attracted a bevy of friends and admirers, as well as fueled her career success. As manager of the VIP level at the Ritz Carlton, she achieved 100% guest satisfaction month after month. Her creative spirit, knowledge and natural love of fine wines and food led Lynn to create several small businesses along the way, including a health food store and an award-winning gourmet sauce brand that was sold in over 700 stores in the U.S. and Canada.


Lynn’s adventurous and trusting heart helped start the MartelTurnkey company we all know and love today. When her husband and sons wanted to sell the family home in order to help grow MartelTurnkey, Lynn didn’t hesitate to give the okay. Now, Lynn plays a key role in the continuing success of MartelTurnkey as a sales and investor advisor. In her own words, “I believe in building customers for life.” In her spare time, Lynn enjoys hiking, skiing, traveling, cooking and leading wine tasting Zoom events.

Antoine Martel

Of all the Martels, Antoine is the one with the most visibility online. You can find him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and…well, by the time you read this, he’ll probably be all over a brand new social media platform. The reason is pretty simple. Antoine believes in sharing information and knowledge. He’s not just posting random shots of his on-field encounter with “the Biebs.” (Well, just that once). No, he’s posting real, actionable advice to seasoned and wannabe real estate investors. 


The ironic thing is, Antoine is a self-described introvert. In person, he’s super quiet and thoughtful. Literally, he’s always thinking and working on some new idea. While he’s not going to be the life of the party, he will be the one you can count on for a lift home, for help with your rehab project or basically with anything you need. He has lifelong friends that he made all the way back in grade school because he is that loyal guy who you can trust and depend on. 


Because he’s so passionate about real estate, Antoine is very involved with all aspects of MartelTurnkey. People have wondered if he ever sleeps. (No really, people have asked him that.) For the record, he does get in his eight hours and he also has an active social life with his family and his friends. He loves, loves playing soccer and even once played at a special event against a group of inmates at a jail for charity. He enjoys grilling with his roomies, photography and hiking in the hills around Los Angeles.

Etienne Martel

In college, Etienne Martel envisioned becoming an engineer and working for Elon Musk. (With his grades and natural acumen for numbers, he could have done it, too.) When he discovered the possibilities with real estate investing, he was even more intrigued. He got his real estate license and started mentoring under a successful local professional. Being a fast learner, he soon discovered the opportunities in being an investor rather than an agent, and it was during that period of time that Etienne joined his father and brother in creating MartelTurnkey.


Etienne is constantly looking for new challenges. As his role at MartelTurnkey evolved, he became more and more adept at being able to recognize smart deals. He started a “deal a day” project where he’d help other investors calculate a deal to see if it was viable or not. Always eager to help others but not being particularly socially extroverted, Etienne found that this was a great way to engage with people and to share his experience and knowledge.


A lifelong learner, Etienne enjoys watching documentaries and reading biographies. He’s endlessly curious about how things work and how they’re made, which makes him the ideal person for MartelTurnkey’s new boots on the ground in Memphis. Etienne enjoys all the aspects of construction and remodeling and he’s a natural at making sure that rehab projects stay within the budget. When he’s not supervising construction projects, you can find Etienne enjoying a delicious meal, since he was spoiled for good food from growing up with mom and dad. He’s also an avid workout enthusiast. He enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, friends and family, doing everything from fishing to taking helicopter rides, to playing strategy video games. He also loves cars!


There’s at least one thing that’s true of every Martel family member, and that is their commitment to you. Each and every person–Eric, Lynn, Antoine and Etienne–is dedicated to offering you the most positive cash-flowing properties as possible, with the best value in appreciating markets. If you have any questions about the turnkey rentals on the site or about investing in real estate in general, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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