Perks of Owning Turnkey Real Estate You May Not Have Considered

July 13th, 2021

Do you already invest in turnkey rentals or are you considering jumping into the real estate investment market? Either way, you should know that there are perks of owning turnkey real estate you may not have considered. Sure, passive income is a big benefit, as are the numerous tax deductions available for rental property owners. But there are other perks that make owning turnkey real estate something that everyone should aspire to. 


No Real Estate License Needed


Many of the people we encounter at investor Meetups, online and through our website contact form ask if they should get their real estate license. The answer is, no, if you’re investing in turnkey rentals. That’s the great thing about turnkey rentals. It lets you invest in real estate without having to go through all the rigamarole of getting licensed. You don’t need to spend the money (and time) on classes, brokerage fees, licensing fees, or any of the other miscellaneous—and extensive—fees that real estate agents incur. Frankly, as long as you’re investing in turnkey rentals, there’s no advantage at all to getting licensed. Essentially, you get to skip ahead to the good part of just making money off of your investments!


Virtual Money in the Bank


By now we know how fortunes can change overnight. One minute you’re riding high on passive income and a comfortable lifestyle. Next, you might have a family emergency, a needy relative or a pricey medical bill for services not covered by insurance. Instead of experiencing a total wipe-out of your savings, you have the option of selling one of your turnkey rental properties to raise needed cash. As you read in last week’s blog post, most if not all of the turnkey rentals that we’ve sold to our investors have risen in value since they were first purchased. Large increases in value take time, of course. But if you invest in turnkey rentals, you will always own a piece of real estate that has market value. That’s virtual money in the bank that you can access at times in your life when your financial situation may require a little boost. You may even choose to sell a property if you want cash to help out a child with college tuition or a first home down payment. 


Pride of Ownership


Another perk of owning turnkey real estate from MartelTurnkey is the pride of ownership that comes from being a quality landlord. Your MartelTurnkey rental property has been nicely renovated to high standards. As you can tell from reading testimonials from current clients, the turnkey rentals we sell are always turned over in fully renovated condition. Your tenants will be happy and comfortable and well-tended to by vetted property management companies. You can be proud to own your turnkey rentals. They stand up in quality to some of the best rental properties available in our select markets. 


Offset Other Investments


Turnkey rentals offer passive income, which is. highly sought after in our fast-paced world. But that income is also valuable because it offsets risks or losses from other investments you may have. Your CPA has likely encouraged you to have a diverse portfolio. You may have invested in cryptocurrency, stocks, bonds or even NFTs. Those other investment vehicles are sometimes volatile and unreliable. Turnkey rental income is stable and reliable. You may incur losses from other types of investments; you may even bottom out your portfolio on them.  But your turnkey rental value will never, ever go to zero. That’s something you can count on helping you sleep soundly every night. 


Invest Despite High Prices


If you live in certain areas, you know how expensive real estate has become. Take it from us, for example, it’s nearly impossible to get into real estate investing in California unless you have a million bucks to speculate with. We found that out ourselves when we first tried to get into real estate years ago.  That’s why we started investing out of state. Investing in turnkey rentals lets you invest in real estate despite high property prices in the area where you live. You get the perk of being able to invest where you can afford and start earning passive income right away.


Let us help you by answering any questions you may have about investing in turnkey real estate. Now is an especially great time to buy turnkey properties, because home prices in many areas are so high. Get some passive income for your family, invest in something that will always hold value, and invest in affordable areas. We can help. Contact us today.


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