Time and Health Are Your Most Valuable Resources

January 12th, 2021

If there’s one thing that 2020 has taught us, it’s that time can’t be replaced. Last year, most of us sacrificed months of productive time from our lives that we can never get back. That time might have been spent traveling, meeting new people, getting to know a place better, building a business, bonding with family members or something else. Instead, many of us have had to forego personal and professional goals and aspirations, as our activities and movements have been curtailed in varying degrees by the pandemic. 


The value of good health has come to the forefront of our awareness as a civilization, too. The pandemic has highlighted just how fragile our health is and how much it should be cherished. Millions around the world have been stricken with illness or worse by an unforeseen event that has shaken the very core upon which our organized global societies are built. 


Time and Health Are Your Most Valuable Resources


Time and health are our most valuable resources; even more than money. You can have all the money in the world at your disposal, but without time and health, its value is low. You can have countless hours, days and years to live, but if you are in poor health you can’t take advantage of anything you might do with that time. You can have optimum health, but if your life is cut short, what good is being in prime physical condition? 


The point is that time and health should be protected above all else. With both of them together, you can accomplish what you need and want, including the accumulation of wealth, if that’s something you desire. Time and health are to be cherished and nurtured in all of your endeavors, so that you can acquire and build upon other resources such as money, creativity, knowledge and more. 


Don’t Waste Your Time and Jeopardize Your Health


If you want to be successful, you need to be vigilant about protecting both your time and your health. You may have already learned to teach others to respect your time. For instance, when business colleagues or employees wish to schedule time with you for a Zoom conference or a phone call, you should put a time limit on the booking. Let them know you have only 20 minutes or however long. This ensures that the other party will get to the point instead of wasting your time on small talk. It’s likely that you already do some version of this with your business interactions. 


You probably outsource tasks around your personal life, like landscaping, housecleaning, having groceries delivered, etc. This is because you know that your time is more valuable spent doing certain things that others can’t do. The same is true with real estate investments. Is it really worth it to waste your time trying to do a DIY rehab when you can just buy a turnkey rental and start earning positive cash flow from day one? Should you spend your time going back and forth to Home Depot looking for bathroom fixtures and then watching YouTube videos trying to learn how to change a faucet? Or would your time be better spent earning money to buy a second or third turnkey rental that will mitigate risk and bring you passive income for life? 


Turnkey Rentals Don’t Eat Up Your Most Valuable Resources


As we talked about in a recent social media post, managing turnkey rental properties out of state is one of the least time intensive real estate investment strategies out there. When you work with us, we set you up with a lender that understands turnkey rental investments, a competitive rate insurance company and a property management company that we trust and use for our own properties. In other words, we connect you with your full team on the ground so you never need to waste your time traveling to the out of state property yourself. This is one of the valuable benefits of working with MartelTurnkey, as one of our successful investors mentioned in her recent interview


So how much time can you expect to spend on your MartelTurnkey rental investments? If you have just one rental property it will likely take just an hour or less of your time each month. This is plenty of time to respond to two or three emails from your property management company and for you to download and review your monthly statement from your landlord portal. 


If you scale your turnkey rental portfolio up to ten or so single-family rentals, it still won’t take up much more time, since your property management company will ask you about multiple properties in a single email; so the number of emails won’t really increase. You may need to spend a bit more time reviewing your monthly statements, but at that stage you’ll probably be outsourcing the bulk of the financial work to an accountant, so your time spent will still be in the range of a couple of hours each month. 


Turnkey Rentals Protect Your Health


Finally, there is the ease involved in investing in turnkey rental properties from MartelTurnkey. You already know that stress releases the “stress hormone” cortisol, which is a contributing factor in heart disease, anxiety, and a host of other health concerns; even substance abuse and diabetes. When you know that a competent and trusted company is handling the day in and day out tasks for your real estate investments, that’s a huge burden off your shoulders. You can literally rest easy, getting a good night’s sleep every night and not having to worry about your real estate investment portfolio. Investing in turnkey rentals helps to preserve your good health, alleviating the stress, work and worry that usually come with other kinds of financial investments, such as DIY rehabs. 


If you agree, and you’re not willing to trade your time and your health for wealth, then investing in turnkey rentals is the way forward. When you’re ready to get started, please contact us or browse through our turnkey rentals for sale.

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