What Do Tenants Look For in a Rental Home?

August 10th, 2021

Landlords and property management companies usually focus on finding quality tenants for their turnkey rentals. This makes sense, considering that you want rent to be paid on time. You also hope to get good tenants that will respect the property and take care of it. On the other hand, tenants have their own set of criteria when seeking a property to rent. And when you rent a property that matches that criteria, chances are higher that your own high standards for tenants will be simultaneously met. Here are the things that quality tenants commonly look for in a rental property.


Good Condition


Even though tenants are renters, they view their rental as their home. Since the home is an extension of themselves, quality tenants want the property to be in good condition. They don’t want to see peeling wallpaper, mildewy walls, stained carpeting or cracked windows. Quality tenants know that the property is also a reflection of the landlord’s attention, too. If the rental is in poor condition, it’s a strong sign that the landlord really doesn’t care about it, or their future tenants. 


Fenced-In Yard


Did you know that nearly 70% of Americans have at least one pet? Owning or renting doesn’t seem to matter to animal lovers. They just want their beloved animal companions at home with them. Most quality tenants will have some kind of needs regarding their pet ownership. Most often, they look for a fenced-in yard where little Fido or Fuzzy Bottom can roam free, yet protected. At a minimum, quality tenants will want to have permission to keep a pet in your rental property. They’re happy to pay a handsome pet deposit for the privilege, too.


Personal Appliances


Serial renters (as they sometimes like to call themselves) typically appreciate being able to bring their own household appliances into the rental home. They don’t want to have to deal with noisy, outdated refrigerators or dodgy ovens and ranges where only a couple of the burners work correctly. They enjoy shiny new stainless steel appliances just like homeowners, and they want to be able to enjoy cooking in a kitchen where they can use personal appliances of their own choosing.


Neutral Paint Colors


Rental properties that are blindingly white are a real turn-off for quality tenants with good taste. They don’t want a plain vanilla home where there’s no color; no personality. Instead, they’ll be wooed by a tastefully painted rental property with neutral tones that reflect style. Then they can add their own decorating touches and splashes of color against a backdrop of soothing blues, grays or browns. 


Online Payment Portal


Tenants are attracted to rental properties where they have the ability to pay rent online. This system makes it easier for hard-working tenants to just log in and pay without having to make special trips to the bank or elsewhere every month. 


Online Maintenance Requests


When tenants have the option to submit online maintenance requests, it’s easier on everyone. The tenant feels like there’s no rigamarole just to get a leaky shower head fixed, and they’ll know exactly where the request stands and when to expect service. This kind of convenience is likely to attract a higher standard of tenants, who are accustomed to being taken seriously as a reliable, paying tenant.


Property Management Company


Quality tenants would generally prefer to rent through a property management company than through an individual. Why? Lots of reasons. For one thing, their personal data is more secure. Instead of submitting an application containing their private financial information and social security number to a stranger, they are submitting to an established business. Another reason is the professionalism. Renting via a property management company is like a business transaction, whereas renting through an individual is like doing business on a street corner where you’re unsure of what kind of person you’re dealing with. In fact, many tenants are scared off by individuals who are only posing as property owners, only to scam unwitting people out of their money and personal information. 




Quality tenants with vehicles will always choose a rental home with a garage over a rental that doesn’t have one. This is especially the case when your turnkey rental property is located in a region of the country with three or more seasons. Second best to a garage is a carport or structure where the tenant won’t need to brush snow and ice off their vehicle in winter.


Proximity to Work


Great tenants always have proximity to work opportunities in mind when choosing a long-term rental home. They want to ensure that they’re able to earn rent money, just as much as landlords do. They understand that it’s easier to hold down a job when the workplace is within a reasonable distance to their rental home. 


Our Turnkey Rentals Attract Quality Tenants


If you hadn’t noticed already, our turnkey rentals meet every criteria of quality tenants. Our properties are fully renovated and in excellent condition for your tenants. We decorate with a tasteful palette of colors that have wide aesthetic appeal. Many of our turnkey rentals have fenced-in yards; all accept pets with a pet deposit (unless you specifically request otherwise). Many of our properties also have garages, carports and driveways so your tenant can safely and conveniently store their vehicles when not in use. We don’t supply appliances in our turnkey rentals, so that our investors don’t have to worry about repairs and replacements and so that tenants can furnish their own favored appliances. We also favor properties that are within easy driving distance to large employers such as Amazon, the Cleveland Clinic, Fed Ex and more. And, of course, all of our turnkey rentals have excellent property management companies in place, with both landlord and tenant online portals. 


When you invest in turnkey rentals with MartelTurnkey, both your expectations and your tenants’ expectations will be exceeded. We buy and sell properties that you can be proud to own, and that quality tenants will be happy to live in for a long time. Contact us today to get started, or get started on your own by downloading the financials on any turnkey rental property that you are interested in. We look forward to being your investment partner!


Customer Testimonial:


I am very fortunate to have found you and your company. I really look forward to working with you more in the months and years to come! It’s very rare to find someone who is honest and sincere in their dealings with others. You truly treat your investors like family and likewise treat your properties like your own.”


~ Edna, Los Angeles, CA



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