Why a MartelTurnkey Rental is the Best Kind of Passive Income

May 21st, 2019

People talk about all kinds of ways to get passive income, but not all passive income investments are equal. Some will give you more of a hands-free experience; others require more attention than people might want to let on. It’s important to know exactly how much personal involvement your investment will need. For those with full-time jobs, families or who are pursuing higher education, getting into an investment that demands more time than you have available can spell disaster. If you’re looking for a truly passive income model in real estate, MartelTurnkey rentals are your best option, for a variety of reasons.


Property Management in Place


When you buy a turnkey rental from MartelTurnkey, there’s already a property management company in place. You don’t need to hurry up and try to figure out where to find a good property manager and decide who to hire. However, not every turnkey company does this for their investors. Some just sell you a turnkey property that’s ready to rent, but finding the tenants and managing the property are your responsibility. If you opt to invest in a turnkey property with a company other than MartelTurnkey, be sure to ask about the property management situation ahead of time. The property management company plays a key role in keeping the experience passive for the property owner. If you don’t have a property management company in place,  you’ll need to take a hands-on approach with tenants, since there’s no buffer between the tenant and the landlord.


Automatic Diversity of Portfolio


MartelTurnkey sells single-family rental homes in four strong economic markets across the U.S. Currently, we have investment turnkey rentals in Memphis, Cleveland, Birmingham and St. Louis. When you choose to invest with us, you automatically achieve a valuable diversity in your investment portfolio. As you know, investment diversity is key to mitigating risk and maximizing reward. A MartelTurnkey rental allows you to quickly and seamlessly invest in real estate markets outside of your home state or local area. Other kinds of passive income models may give you the hands-off experience that you’re looking for, but lack the diversity that a healthy portfolio can thrive on.


Reliable Income For Years


MartelTurnkey rental properties in Memphis and other cities across the U.S. provide investors with passive, reliable income for years. The properties that we own and sell already come with tenants in place. The properties cash flow right out of the gate. As soon as you close on one of our properties, you can depend on a reliable income source for years that you never have to work for. First, you’ll always know how much to expect in rent each month, unlike many other passive income models. Second, you won’t have to find new tenants to replace ones that have moved on; your property management company takes care of that for you. A MartelTurnkey rental property provides true passive income that you and your family can rely on for years to come.


Hedge Against Economic Downturns


A MartelTurnkey rental property in Memphis, Cleveland, Birmingham or St. Louis is a solid hedge against economic downturns. Even in a struggling economy, residents of these cities will be able to pay the reasonable and affordable rent for your MartelTurnkey home. When other, A and B class single-family home rents in other cities become out of reach for people and they lie vacant, your properties will still be cash flowing, just as they always have. A tenant in a MartelTurnkey property can easily afford to pay your rent even if they only work a modest job at a coffee shop or retail store. You’ll still be receiving passive income on your MartelTurnkey rental property. This is a valuable hedge against future economic insecurities that is hard to find elsewhere.

If you’re looking for true passive income, portfolio diversification, reliable income and a hedge against inflation, you should take a look at owning a MartelTurnkey rental property in Memphis or one of the other cities we invest in. We promise that your landlord experience will be a passive experience, with a tenant and property management in place from day one of your ownership. To learn more about any of our available turnkey rentals in Memphis, Cleveland, Birmingham or St. Louis, please email or call us anytime. We look forward to helping you reach your passive income goals.


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