Why Buy Out of State Rental Properties?

February 15th, 2022

For anyone newly getting into real estate investing, there may be some question as to where are the best places to buy rental property. Your research will uncover a bevy of opinions online, but the only opinions you should listen to are those with actual experience in terms of where are the best places to buy rental property. Once you begin listening to the experts, you’ll quickly see that certain answers keep coming up again and again. At that point, you learn the benefits of buying out of state turnkey rental properties.


Where Are the Best Places to Buy Rental Properties?


We have spent years now combing through the rental property markets in various cities throughout the U.S. Of course, the real estate market fluctuates, which is why we are constantly analyzing various markets. A handful of real estate markets have hit all the criteria that we use to determine if an area has economic viability in terms of where are the best places to buy rental properties. These are:


 – Cleveland, OH

 – Memphis, TN

 – St. Louis, MO

 – Detroit, MI


There will be others in the future, but for right now, this is where MartelTurnkey’s markets are, and where we offer quality, cash-flowing turnkey rentals for sale.


Ability to Diversify Your Portfolio


A big reason why you should buy out of state rental property is because it allows any investor to diversify their portfolio. Every financial expert agrees that diversification is essential for a healthy portfolio. It’s smart to have real estate as one of the assets in a portfolio, but it’s not always possible for investors since real estate can be cost prohibitive. But when you invest in out of state rental property, all of a sudden it’s possible—not only to afford the real estate—but to have a source of passive income straight out of the gate. Out of state rental properties enable even the most modest of investors to diversify and shore up their assets. If you’re interested in diversification through out of state rental property, you don’t need to worry about where are the best places to buy rental property, because MartelTurnkey has already got that part all figured out for you.


Lower Operating Expenses


Buying out of state rental property almost always guarantees lower operating expenses than if you bought where you live. Everything that is needed to operate your turnkey rental property, from the property management company to the property insurance, to the hardware and materials you may need over the years to purchase to maintain the property will be at the local cost, not in the more expensive market where you likely have your private residence. And remember that lower operating expenses mean you get a better ROI than you would if you tried to buy rental property in a pricier market.


When you’re ready to stop asking where are the best places to buy rental property and start looking for a turnkey property to buy, contact MartelTurnkey. We have a pipeline of turnkey rental properties for sale in Cleveland, Memphis, St. Louis and Detroit. Why not browse through our offerings and see what catches your eye? You could be sitting on a new source of passive income in as little as 30 days. 


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