Why Invest in St. Louis, MO

April 27th, 2021

We have recognized St. Louis as an attractive investment area for investors for a couple of years. But now, things are looking even brighter, especially since the pandemic situation is starting to turn a corner. We curated several fun facts about St. Louis that will hopefully demonstrate to you why St. Louis deserves a serious look when it comes to your investment portfolio. Whether you’re buying your first turnkey rental or looking to bulk up your portfolio, we think you’ll agree that St. Louis is a promising city. Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in St. Louis turnkey rentals.


1. High Appreciations.  Within the last three years, houses in the St. Louis area have appreciated in value almost 25 percent, allowing for a high ROI.


2. High-Quality Tenants.  Since St. Louis is known for its good economy, emphasis on education, and family-friendly neighborhoods, landlords always have a pool of high-quality tenants from which to choose.


3. Excellent Student Housing Opportunities.  With its numerous colleges and universities, St. Louis is a prime area for real estate investors who wish to purchase properties aimed at student tenants.


4. Landlord-Friendly Laws.   While tenants of course have rights and protections afforded them by the courts, St. Louis is known as being very landlord-friendly regarding its laws.  Whether it’s evictions, lease agreements, or other legalities, landlords are looked upon very favorably in St. Louis.


5. Expanding Suburbs.  In recent years, St. Louis has experienced an expansion of its suburbs and metro area, leading to a higher demand for quality, affordable housing.


6. Low Cost-of-Living.  Despite being a large city, St. Louis has one of the lowest cost-of-living rates in the United States, making it very attractive to those who may be planning a move for professional or personal reasons.


7. More Renters than Homeowners.  Much to the surprise of many, St. Louis actually has more people renting properties than purchasing them.  According to the latest data, almost 60 percent of the city’s residents rent, rather than own their homes.


8. Millennials are Flocking to St. Louis.  Due to its many amenities, millennials are migrating to St. Louis at a very high rate.  In fact, within the next three years, the city is expected to see over 3.5 million new households.


9. People Love St. Louis.  Once people are born in St. Louis, statistics show they either spend their whole lives living there or eventually return to their roots after living elsewhere.  


10. Great Sports Teams.  From the Stanley Cup-winning Blues of the NHL to the beloved Cardinals of Major League Baseball, St. Louis has some of the best and most beloved pro sports teams in the country.


11. Numerous Fortune 500 Companies.  Of the ten Fortune 500 companies with headquarters in Missouri, nine of them are located in St. Louis!


12. A Very Generous City. While you may know much about St. Louis, one thing you probably don’t know is that it is consistently ranked among the most generous cities in the country in terms of charitable donations.  In addition, it also has a very high rate of volunteerism.


13. Family-Friendly Environment.  From its safe neighborhoods to numerous attractions such as the St. Louis Zoo and Gateway Arch National Park, St. Louis is known for having a family-friendly environment that attracts young families, aspiring entrepreneurs and young professionals, retirees and everyone in between.


14. A True Chess City.  Since investing in real estate sometimes feels like a chess match, you’ll be right at home when purchasing investment property in St. Louis.  Home to the World Chess Hall of Fame, it’s also been the home of several former men’s and women’s world chess champions.


15. Over 100 Parks.  Featuring lakes, picnic areas, playgrounds, and much more, St. Louis contains well over 100 beautiful parks to enjoy.


16. Great Festivals.  A city that’s home to many types of festivals, residents can enjoy festivals celebrating film, comedy, music and more.


St. Louis has a lot to offer residents, which means investors have a  lot to look forward to, as well. We’ve been gradually adding St. Louis turnkey rentals back into our offerings at MartelTurnkey. If you’d like to take a look at our turnkey rentals for sale, we’re sure you’ll find something a promising investment opportunity you won’t want to pass up!

  1. I would like to invest in a property in the St. Louis área. But, I have a question,, I heard that the tenants do not have to pay the rent if they wish not to do so. Can you respond please and thank you.

    1. HI Efrain,

      That’s not true at all. I’m not sure where you heard that, but consider that if that were true, there would be zero rentals in St. Louis, because no investor would want to own a rental there!

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