Why Not Search For Turnkey Rentals Near Me?

October 26th, 2021

If you’re fairly new to investing in real estate, you may also be less familiar with turnkey rentals. Investment rentals are certainly very popular, especially now with the economy the way it is. No doubt, many of your investor acquaintances are touting the benefits of owning property, and having rental income as a way to survive and thrive through these financial times. But all rental properties are not the same. There are all kinds of ways to be a landlord; being a turnkey rental landlord is just one of them. It also happens to be the truest form of passive income in real estate investing. 


What Are Turnkey Rentals?


Turnkey rentals are a special kind of rental property. Rather than the owner—the investor—taking an active role in caring for the tenant and property, everything is done “turnkey.” Turnkey is a business term that implies that the owner holds the keys and opens for business right away. Everything is done for them. It’s ready to go and profits start coming in right away. Examples of brick and mortar businesses that are considered turnkey include storage facilities and laundromats. Any business where the new owner can basically take possession and start operations is considered turnkey.


Turnkey rentals are similar, in that the new owner/landlord takes ownership and immediately begins reaping the profits from the rental income. The concept behind turnkey rentals is that the property is already in great condition, and ready to receive a new tenant or already has a paying tenant. But the best part about MartelTurnkey turnkey rentals is that the day-to-day operations are taken care of by a property management company. This is just one reason why so many savvy real estate investors choose MartelTurnkey for their real estate investment needs. 


Why Not Search For Turnkey Rentals Near Me?


Another feature that’s special about MartelTurnkey turnkey rentals is that we only sell properties in certain markets. This is because only some markets offer the return on investment that we are committed to offering our clients. In today’s real estate market, many areas are simply so overpriced that it’s impossible for an investor to realize any kind of profit from a rental property. So what we’ve done is assessed hundreds of markets around the country in terms of profitability, and invested our own time and money into key properties. Then we fully renovate those properties, get a vetted property management company in place to take care of the day-to-day tasks, and finally, we place a quality, paying tenant in the property. When one of our clients purchases a turnkey rental property from us, it truly is turnkey. They take ownership and immediately begin making passive income, month after month.


So the reason why it doesn’t make sense to just do a search for “turnkey rentals near me” is because a), it’s highly unlikely you’ll find something affordable and profitable in the area where you live b), without a property management company in place, you won’t have passive income; you’ll have a second job and c), any affordable rental property you do find will likely need all kinds of work done before it would even be inhabitable by a tenant. In this economic climate, it simply makes sense to invest where you will get a good return on investment, have the rehab taken care of by MartelTurnkey and have the day-to-day taken care of by your property management company. When you do all this, you’ll get a quality, affordable rental property that will give you monthly passive income for the rest of your life – all without you doing a second’s worth of maintenance or repair. 


If that sounds good to you, go ahead and browse our available turnkey rentals. When you find one that you like, download the financials and see if they meet your expectations. Finally, contact us to get the ball rolling. Now that’s truly turnkey investing. That’s what we do.




Customer Testimonial:


“It was truly a pleasure partnering with MartelTurnkey on the purchase of two rental properties in Memphis. These were our first out of state rental properties for my partner and I. Although we’ve never visited Memphis, Antoine ensured that we were connected in every stage of the process.”

~ Sabrina & Lashawn, Plainfield, NJ





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