Why You Should Invest in Dayton

January 9th, 2024

Dayton, Ohio truly is a hidden gem, situated almost exactly between Cincinnati and Columbus, with about an hour’s drive between either city. Columbus is well known, as is Cincinnati. But savvy investors know that Dayton is where the big real estate money can be made. For some of you, this isn’t new information. If you’ve been paying attention, you know that MartelTurnkey has invested in turnkey rentals in Dayton for quite some time. In fact, you can still grab your share of investment properties in Dayton. But if Dayton is new on your radar, read on to find out the reasons why you should be investing in The Gem City.


Dayton is an Innovation Hub


The Dayton Arcade Innovation Hub is an incubator for startups. It’s 95,000 square feet of space dedicated to driving the creation of new ventures and social innovation. Thanks to a $1.9 million investment, entrepreneurs, creators, inventors and builders have co-working and small office space to collaborate on impactful ventures, launch and manage new businesses, access resources and lead the city of Dayton in the charge toward the future. 


Dayton actually has a long history of being an innovation hub. In the 1900s it was the invention capital of the U.S., with residents holding the most patents per capita. Among the long list of inventions that came out of Dayton, you can thank Dayton inventors for the cash register, the pop-top beverage can, the self-starting ignition and, of course, the airplane!


Dayton is a Tech Hub


Last year, Patrick Hewitt, a vice president with CBRE in Dayton, said, “Dayton is gaining momentum as a tech market.” He couldn’t have been more right. Since then, tech companies Kilele Health, Medical Interface Solutions, and Raider Technologies have received $350k in grant funding from the Technology Validation Start-up Fund, which will help to accelerate the companies’ development and monetization of their tech products in the marketplace.


The Air Force Institute of Technology is located in Dayton, near the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. This institute of higher learning offers postgraduate, professional and continuing education for the entire U.S. Armed Forces. It has over 500 military and civilian faculty and staff. 


Dayton is an Aerospace Hub


Dayton is home to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, which houses numerous research & development organizations, such as the Air Force Research Laboratory Headquarters, as well as several universities, making it a top city for real estate investors with demand for updated rental units at a premium. 


Kaney Aerospace has invested $1.2 million to buy Dayton property, where it will occupy at least 70% of the building. Kaney has partnerships with GE Aerospace and Boeing, among other aerospace giants. Said a spokesperson for Kaney, “We’ve had a continuous presence in the Dayton region since 2014, and this addition of a dedicated office and research facility will allow us the presence to make an immediate difference to the war-fighting capability of America and our allies.” 


Dayton is a Manufacturing Hub


Beontag, a self-described business enabler with global reach, offers IoT solutions and graphic and label materials. They’re investing more than $60 million in a manufacturing plant in Dayton, where they will manufacture RFID, lintless and GLM products. The facility is set to be up and running by August of 2024, and will employ about 200 people. Beontag says in the next two years, “it plans to channel its investment into equipment, machinery, and tenant improvements, aligning the factory with the highest international operational standards.


The Westside Makerspace nonprofit organization is expanding its prototype lab space to create a manufacturing hub for workforce development and skills training in Dayton. The investment of $2.5 million emphasizes the confidence that leading companies of all sizes have in the Dayton market.


These are just a few of the many reasons why Dayton should be your next investment city of choice. In any investment decision, it’s wise to “follow the money,” and in this case, all roads lead to Dayton. This simple city of about 150,000 residents has transformed itself over the years to become one of the key centers in the midwest. Now is the time to get in with your real estate investment money, and MartelTurnkey is ready to help get Dayton in your real estate portfolio. Check out our available turnkey rental properties in Dayton and contact us with your questions or comments.

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