Why You Should Work With a Turnkey Provider

September 14th, 2021

Of all the resources you have as a real estate investor, time is the most precious. The amount of time you have available can never be increased over 24 hours a day. You can never have more time than anyone else. If you’re like most people, and time is in short supply, then you know how hard it can be to invest in rental properties. Carrying on with a full-time job while trying to renovate and manage a rental property is challenging, to say the least. It’s also not the fastest way to build your real estate portfolio. Here’s why you should work with a turnkey provider:


All the Advantages in One Package


If your passive income strategy is to acquire turnkey rentals, then you should work with a turnkey rental provider who offers all the possible advantages. Turnkey means you shouldn’t have to be responsible for any of the actual work. It means you should be the owner and reap all the benefits with none of the responsibility. Here are the advantages of working with a true turnkey provider:


 – The market is analyzed for you.

 – The neighborhood is analyzed for you.

 – The property is fully renovated.

 – The property has a paying tenant.

 – The property has a property management company in place.

 – Financial reports are provided automatically.

 – Rents are deposited automatically.

 – Tenant communication is 100% handled by a property manager.

 – Owner never has to meet with the tenant.

 – Evictions are handled by the property management company.


Not Everyone is a True Turnkey Provider


Many companies call themselves turnkey providers, but they aren’t really because they don’t provide all the advantages. “False” turnkey companies include turnkey brokers, certain real estate investors and investment companies. Note that just because a company isn’t a true turnkey provider doesn’t necessarily mean that they are purposely trying to deceive people. It’s just that consumers aren’t always aware of the differences. There are ways that you can identify companies that aren’t true turnkey providers:


 – They don’t actually own any of the properties they are advertising

 – Properties are handed over without tenants in place

 – Properties are sold without building and occupancy permits

 – Properties are sold that need renovation in order to be inhabitable

 – Property management is non-existent


Again, if your goal is passive income, seek to work with a turnkey provider that is truly turnkey and offers all the possible advantages. If your goal is to take on a second job, then you can work with just about anyone who is selling properties that could conceivably be rented out.


Long-Term Relationships and Repeat Business Are Key


A quality turnkey provider like MartelTurnkey values long-term relationships and repeat business. This is only possible when the quality of the turnkey properties is high, when the promises of service are fulfilled, and when the customer service is exceptional and proven. When working with a turnkey provider, you want to choose a long-term business partner who will consistently have your financial benefit in mind with every transaction. This will help you to scale and build your real estate portfolio over the years. Quality turnkey providers strive to ensure success with every turnkey rental so that you will continue to work with them over and over again. And, when you work hand-in-hand with a turnkey provider, your job is easier because you can trust your investment partner. You don’t have to shop for a new provider every time you’re ready to buy a new turnkey rental. 



MartelTurnkey has a long history of providing all the advantages of a true turnkey rental company. We have a long list of satisfied clients, and a constantly evolving list of available turnkey rental properties for sale. To get started on your real estate portfolio, contact us today.



Client Testimonial:


“The MartelTurnkey family is the company I chose for rental properties. The process was so easy, seamless, with systems in place. Eric, Lynn, and Antoine have been most supportive in helping me to achieve an out-of-state investment acquisition. The home purchased was in great shape and was already leased for immediate cash flow. The experience was so good that I plan to work with the MartelTurnkey family for years to come.”


~Laura,  St. Louis, MO



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