Exactly Why You Should Work With MartelTurnkey

August 17th, 2021

When it comes to you choosing your turnkey rental company, we’re biased. Of course we think you should work with MartelTurnkey! But we’ve done a little digging and it turns out we have very good—and objective—reasons why you should work with MartelTurnkey. You see, it’s not just a matter of us wanting to grow our business. It has everything to do with what you want and need from an investor’s standpoint; trustworthiness, value, quality, convenience, and easiness of the working relationship. Given all that, here’s exactly why you should work with MartelTurnkey.


We Have Happy Clients


A while back, we interviewed several of our clients. We called it “Investor Spotlight.” We asked them to share a little bit about themselves and why they invested in real estate.  But we also sought to find out just what they thought about our company; specifically what it was like from their viewpoint to work with MartelTurnkey. Well, we were beyond flattered. We received very positive feedback about our turnkey rental buying process. The interviews helped us to learn more about what’s important to our investors, as well as where we have room to improve. You can read them yourself on our blog. We aren’t aware of too many other turnkey rental companies that go out of their way to get detailed feedback from clients. We also have an ever-growing collection of testimonial quotes from happy clients that are published on the home page of our site. So if you’re looking for proof that we’re easy to work with, you’ve got it!


Our Available Turnkey Rentals Are Easy to View


We just finished visiting several competitor sites. It never hurts to see what others are doing, right? The experience was less than fruitful, because we never actually got to see any of our competitors’ properties! Oh, we did a lot of clicking—a lot—but all that clicking got us nowhere. We sure encountered a lot of annoying pop-ups, though. We usually ended up on a page where we were asked to submit our personal information before we could even see what properties were available. Kind of one-sided, if you ask us. There was one site (and no, we aren’t naming names) where we were actually required to have a live telephone interview before we could be “granted” access to view available properties. Seriously? We have to interview to even see what’s for sale? That’s definitely not user-friendly. Why should a potential investor have to spend their valuable time answering personal questions in order to be considered “worthy” to invest?


This is another big reason why you should work with MartelTurnkey and not someone else. If you want to see our available turnkey rentals for sale, just visit our website and click on the “turnkey rentals for sale” tab. Do you want to analyze the financials on a specific turnkey rental? No problem, and no telephone interview needed! Just click on the “download financials” tab and review them to your heart’s content. Want to look at more than one property? No problem. Download as many financials as you like. All the details are there, in black and white, ready for anyone to look at, print out, analyze, etc.


We Let You Ask the Questions


Let’s say you see a turnkey rental property on our site that’s caught your eye. You’ve downloaded the financials and you like what you’re reading. But you have questions. Maybe this will be your first investment and you’re not sure how it all works. Maybe you have some questions about this specific property. So you hop on the phone with us. You schedule a phone call with one of our team members. But guess what? We let you ask the questions. We aren’t going to data mine you with a zillion questions. It’s your call. You ask, we answer. Sure, we’ll get your pertinent information just so we can follow up with you. Other than that, we’re just there to address your comments and answer your questions. 


Our Family Values


You may already know that MartelTurnkey is a family-owned company. Our entire family works together. We have weekly meetings, and we even hang out together as much as we can, working and playing together. As a close-knit family, we realize how important your family is to you. We realize that one of the reasons you’re investing is so your family can have more security, wealth and stability in the coming decades. That’s why we work hard; so you don’t have to. You can enjoy passive income while spending more time with your own loved ones. We do all the heavy lifting; analyzing markets, analyzing properties, renovating properties, doing the paperwork so in the end, almost all you have to do is sign on the dotted line to start earning money. 


We have a long and upstanding reputation in the real estate communities where we do business. We uphold our part of the bargain so you can trust that you’re going to get a quality turnkey rental property that tenants will love to live in. There’s no reason to work with anyone else. Why not work with MartelTurnkey right now? Browse our available turnkey rental properties, download some financials and contact us today.




Customer Testimonial:


I would definitely recommend MartelTurnkey over and over again for anyone new looking to get into real estate investing. They take out a lot of the guess work and if we have questions they are always there to answer them. I’m only a month in on my first rental property but everything from the property management connection to the first month’s rent being deposited into my bank account was like clockwork, and it’s been my best investment ever.


~ Jarret San Diego, CA



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