How to Determine the Quality of a Turnkey Rental Provider

July 28th, 2020

When you invest in a turnkey rental, you’re doing business with a turnkey rental provider. Essentially, they become your business partner. Even though the actual purchase transaction is brief, the consequences of doing business with that turnkey rental provider are long-term. Choosing one over another directly impacts how much success you enjoy with your new rental property. This is why you need to be discerning when deciding from whom you buy your turnkey rental property. If you’ve never compared turnkey rental providers before, here is a handy list of things to keep in mind as you vet them.


Ability to Withstand Economic Reversals


If there’s one thing that COVID-19 has shown, it’s that some companies can withstand market downturns, while others can’t stay afloat. As a consumer of anything, you want to purchase from financially stable companies with a proven history of resilience. As a client of a turnkey rental provider, you most decidedly want to purchase from a financially stable company. Why? Well, first of all, if a turnkey rental provider isn’t able to weather a financial cataclysm, you have to wonder how sound their financial judgement was to begin with. Did the company really understand how to choose economically viable properties that will appreciate in value over time? Did they know how to straddle the line between making a profit for themselves while providing added value to their clients? If not, it’s small wonder they are struggling or have gone under during the pandemic.


The MartelTurnkey company is thriving. Not only have we not lost one extra dollar during this most recent economic catastrophe; we’ve sold more turnkey rentals than ever before. Amazingly, we’re breaking our own sales records, even in the midst of COVID-19. We attribute this to a collection of factors in our favor. First of all, we are guided by our own compounded internal experience and expertise. If you’ve ever taken a minute to review the bios of our core team, you’ll see we’ve got a lot of education, background and experience under our collective belt. Second of all, we take our mission very seriously. Our mission is to help others achieve financial independence through passive income. We do this through education, through our “Learn” blog posts, through our social media presence, and of course by committing our time to finding the hidden gems in the real estate property market. We really feel that this is why we’ve been “lucky” enough to be economically sound throughout this pandemic. And as the saying goes, “the harder we work, the luckier we get.”


Selling Renovated Properties


In the course of our work, our team members attend countless real estate events. We go to private investor group meetings, public Meetups and independent organizational meetings. You can just imagine how many people we talk to every single day!  We often encounter representatives from other “turnkey rental providers.” We put that in quotation marks because a lot of the companies calling themselves turnkey aren’t really what they advertise. Just to set the record straight, a true turnkey rental provider sells turnkey properties that are already renovated. That means your tenant should be able to move in and start living. Unfortunately, a shocking number of companies are selling properties that aren’t turnkey at all, but they’re still calling them turnkey. If you as the investor have to put on a new roof or even install a new front door before you can rent it out, it’s not a true turnkey property. Further, you shouldn’t be paying the value of a turnkey rental; you should be paying the value of a distressed property because that’s what you’re actually buying from those other companies.


MartelTurnkey properties are truly turnkey. Our properties have a tenant in place when you buy, or it’s ready to be rented ASAP to a tenant. Sometimes you may see one of our listings that has line drawing of the property instead of the actual house. We do that when renovations are ongoing, even though we’ve listed it as “available soon” on our website. Now, we could grab a picture from Google Maps to advertise on our site. But we don’t do that because that’s not going to be a true portrayal of the property after our renovations. With MartelTurnkey, what you see is what you get, and what you get—100% of the time—are true turnkey rentals. Here’s what we would like: If you encounter a company trying to call a distressed property a turnkey rental property; run. Don’t buy from a company like that. Even if you don’t buy from us, never buy from a deceptive company that is just out to rip you off. We’d rather have you safe than to have your investment goals sabotaged by a bad deal.


Stellar Reviews


One of the best things about the internet is the ability to check out reviews of businesses before you buy. Any turnkey rental provider you’re thinking of working with should have stellar reviews. And we don’t just mean “okay” reviews. The reviews or customer testimonials should be outstanding. Think about it. It’s not like you’re buying a book from Amazon for ten bucks. You’re investing thousands of dollars through the turnkey rental provider. You’d better make sure that their online reviews are absolutely glowing. Otherwise, are you sure you really want to spend that much money with that company? Can you trust that your investment is a wise one and that you’ll be treated well?


We hope you’ll take a moment to check out our customer testimonials on our website and generally around the internet. We’re very proud of our reputation for providing high quality, cash flowing turnkey rentals. Our team members have also acquired some really super comments from followers on their Instagram and YouTube accounts. By and large, we have a whole stable of happy clients! And, in the coming weeks you’ll be able to read for yourself what the actual experience of our clients is like. We’re doing a couple of Investor Spotlights that we’re sure you’re going to enjoy reading for interest and information. 


Now that you know how to determine the quality of a turnkey rental provider, we hope you’ll seriously consider investing with MartelTurnkey. From day one, we’ve committed our experience and time into finding and renovating positive, cash flowing rental properties for our valued clients. We’re fully transparent about our team and our operations and we welcome your comments and questions. Thank you for being part of the MartelTurnkey family!


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