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July 20th, 2021

When you buy a turnkey rental property from MartelTurnkey, you get much more than “just” a house. You get a range of attention, support and services that begins from the moment you contact us. If you’ve ever looked into other turnkey rental companies, you know that isn’t the norm. Heck, it’s not the case with most companies in general these days! For proof of what we’re talking about, you only have to read over some of our in-depth investor profiles. They tell you firsthand that customer service is our top priority. For those of you yet to work with us, here’s a summary of our services:




Let’s say you use our contact form to contact us. You’re not quite ready to invest; you have a few questions or maybe you’re confused by exactly how it works. So you send us your email or give us your phone number. Well, instead of a “customer service agent,” you’ll actually be emailing with or talking to a member of our team. You can see their pictures and read a little bit about everyone on our team page. These are real people, not “chat bots” or overseas telephone people sitting in cubicles. It’s us. Really. 

And if you think we’re only here for people ready to invest, you’re wrong. We love to hear from interested people. Whether you’re thinking of investing now or you’re still in saving mode for a future turnkey rental purchase, or even if you just want to find out more about how we operate, where we invest or anything else. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, because consultations are part of the service you get!




Once you decide to move forward with buying one of our turnkey rentals, you are immediately connected with the members of your team who will help make everything happen. This includes your new property management company, lenders, a title company, a notary and more. You can learn the exact steps that happen when you buy a turnkey rental from us in an earlier blog post. There won’t be a moment when you feel lost. We virtually hold your hand every step of the way, from making the decision to buy to getting your “closed and funded” congratulatory email!


Quality Renovations With Our Money, Not Yours


Some other supposed “turnkey” companies out there expect you to pay for renovations. They sell you properties in poor condition and you’re expected to bring them up to par. Not us. Before we sell any of our properties, they are fully renovated with our money, not yours. You get a quality renovated property that passes muster—not only with inspection companies—but with discerning tenants. Heck, some of these properties are so nice looking after our renovations that you might be tempted to move in yourself!


We Own Our Turnkey Rentals


Another part of our service is that we actually own the properties we sell. We aren’t turnkey brokers. We don’t sell properties for any other person or company. We actively seek out viable turnkey properties that will hold value for our investors after the renovations are complete. Until they’re sold, we are paying the mortgage, because we own them ourselves. This part of the service is behind-the-scenes as far as our investors are concerned, but it’s important. It means that we stand behind our properties. We stand behind our decision to sell our properties as a source of positive cash flow for our investors. 


Tenant Placement


Another extremely valuable service that we offer is tenant placement. We have a tenant in place before our investors take possession of a turnkey rental property. This means that you, as the investor, can get passive income right out of the gate. We aren’t handling off some vacant property and then saying, “Okay, good luck finding a tenant!” No, we provide a tenant in place with a minimum one-year lease. In some cases it might even be a two-year lease. Again, this is a service that some other companies fail to provide. 


You might expect to have to pay a premium for all these value-added services. But at MartelTurnkey, we offer these services as part of the package. If you’re interested in investing in turnkey rentals, we are the company to work with. Contact us to find out for yourself how helpful we are!




Customer Testimonial:


“I was very nervous and reluctant to begin purchasing real
estate outside of California. I have to say Antoine and his
team made the process as smooth and easy as it could
possibly be. I am very happy with my real estate purchase
and the service MartelTurnkey provides. I look forward to
purchasing more properties from them in the future.”


Auldon – San Luis Obispo, CA



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