The MartelTurnkey Team Offers a Cleveland Tour!

February 8th, 2022

As you know, MartelTurnkey has been investing in Cleveland for quite some time now. We’ve seen our investors’ properties increase in value and, in our estimation, there is a ton of value in the Cleveland rental market. We are happy to announce that in mid-June of this year, we’re offering a custom, personalized tour for up to 20 interested investors. Transportation and meals are included and, if you purchase a property—any property—from us through the end of 2022, your registration fee will be fully refunded! What could be better?


Who is the Tour For?


This tour might be a good fit for you if:


 – You are financially ready to invest but still have questions

 – You’re still a little hesitant about investing out of state

 – You like to know more about the places where you invest

 – This will be your first turnkey purchase

 – You value face time with your investment partners

 – This isn’t your first turnkey rodeo, but you want more first hand info about the Cleveland market


And frankly, this tour might be for you if you are just looking for an informative and fun weekend away!


How We Came Up With the Idea


The idea of offering a tour of one of our investment markets has been percolating for a long time. It stemmed from a bus tour we did in Memphis a couple of years ago. At that time, it was just us and some key personnel, but we had such a great time that someone mentioned the idea of offering a similar tour to investors. We brainstormed about what it might be like, and it sounded like a lot of fun. Fast forward to today and Antoine brought up the idea again at one of our weekly family meetings. We decided that now is the right time, especially after all the depressing lockdowns and isolation from COVID. It’s time to get together again and make good things happen in 2022!


Key Benefits of the Tour


Apart from the fun of getting to meet the Martel family up close and personal, there are a number of key benefits of the tour. The first one is of course….that you get to meet the Martel family up close and personal!  Unfortunately, Etienne Martel won’t be along for the ride because he is busy overseeing our turnkey property renovations in Memphis, as we wrote about. But you’ll get to meet and spend time with Eric and Lynn and Antoine. If you ever watch Antoine’s YouTube videos or Eric’s YouTube videos, you may have a small sense of what they are like, but in person it will be even better! Plus, you’ll get to meet and speak with Lynn, the Martel family matriarch who keeps it all together for “the boys” behind the scenes. She’s also part of the sales team and an expert on all the properties, so you can learn a lot from Lynn! You can also learn more about how you’ll be spending time with the family and other MartelTurnkey employees when you read through the itinerary below and on the official tour page. But rest assured, this isn’t like a Tony Robbins event where you spend most of the time with his representatives. You’re getting the full, personal treatment, just like you were one of our family!


Okay, another key benefit of the tour is that you’ll get to see—in person—the quality of renovations that MartelTurnkey provides. We’ve always said that we don’t do slap and tape renovations that fall apart five minutes after you close on the deal. On this tour you’ll get to see for yourself just how solid our rehabs are. Heck, they’re so sturdy and attractive, you might be tempted to buy one for yourself to live in! Now, we aren’t bringing anyone through heavy construction zones, so you can safely leave your hard hat at home. But you will get to see properties where the finishing touches are nearly completed and where there is not yet a tenant in place. These walk-throughs will allow you to see for yourself the quality of renovations that we pride ourselves on.


Another key benefit of the tour is that you’ll be able to view certain exclusive turnkey properties that are not on our website and not being shown to members of the general public. You’ll be able to have first dibs on the properties you see, as well as an opportunity to purchase a property that weekend if you like. 


The Deets


Down to the nitty gritty of the actual details. The full details are on this page of our website, but below you’ll find some extra helpful info.


We have space on the bus for only 20 investors, so be sure to register to reserve your spot right away! Like…now! Seriously, stop reading and go register!


On the Martel side, the Martel family, plus the sales team and other team members whose names you may recognize will be on the tour. Essentially, you’ll have access to our sales people, our customer service people and our property analyzers. 


General Itinerary


The itinerary is pretty straightforward and please note that it may change slightly between now and mid-June.:


June 10th


We hope to have all of our investors fly in on Friday. 


7 PM – We’ll have a welcome event in the hotel; a meet and greet to get acquainted.


June 11th


9:00 AM  – Official welcome breakfast in the hotel with introductions


10:00 AM –  The bus arrives to pick us up at the hotel and the tour begins!


During the tour we’ll drive around and visit the many favorite MartelTurnkey turnkey neighborhoods, such as Maple Heights, Euclid and Metro Cleveland, as well as some hot spots and area attractions. This will include the beautiful and fun Riverwalk area, a vibrant social scene that greatly enhances the quality of life in Cleveland.


We’ll also walk through several houses that are completed or near completion so you can see the neighborhoods and renovation standards in person. 


We’ll give extemporaneous highlights about new developments or long time businesses/employers in the area. This will help investors see why we’re so excited to be investing in Cleveland and why it’s a great area for you to invest.


1:00 PM –  Stop for lunch 

5:00 PM – Tour Completes

7:00 PM – Dinner together in a popular Cleveland area


June 12th


9:00 AM – Breakfast in the hotel 

9:30 AM – Discussion, Q and A and going over the numbers and deal analysis and answering questions for everyone. Our sales people will be available so you can sign a sales contract right there if you are so inclined.

12:00 PM – Official end of the weekend tour and free time, or you can leave as you wish 


* Please note that the itinerary is subject to slight alterations.

A Word About Safety Precautions


Because of the situation we are in as far as COVID, we currently  require that all participants be fully vaccinated. We are doing this out of an abundance of caution and out of respect for all of our investors, the crews we may interact with on property sites, and of course the general public. Thank you for your understanding. We will follow state and city ordinances at the time of the tour.

We hope you will join us on this fun and informative tour in Cleveland, Ohio in mid-June. We promise you’ll enjoy yourself and get some real value out of the experience! We’re sure you have more questions, so please reach out and contact us. We’ll be happy to answer anything and give you as much information as you need to make an informed decision!

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