Are You Still Wary About Investing in Out of State Rental Properties?

One of the biggest concerns that many investors have is the idea of investing in a property that they’ve never set eyes on. First time investors have a particularly tough time dealing with the notion of investing out of state. The reasons make sense. For years, real estate investors managed...

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How to Find a Quality Out-of-State Property Manager

At MartelTurnkey, all of our properties are turned over to the new owners with property managers (and tenants) in place. However, we pride ourselves on being different from our competitors in that we don’t require new owners to keep the same “inherited” property manager for any length of time after...

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Are You on the Fence About Investing in Turnkey Rentals?

There are many different ways for you to invest your hard-earned dollars; real estate is just one way. It’s not easy to come to a decision on how to invest your money. For some people, that $20 or $30k may be the largest chunk of money they’ve ever seen in...

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4 Surprising Facts About Turnkey Rentals

Turnkey rentals are relatively straightforward as far as investment vehicles. An investor buys a property from a turnkey rental company and gets passive income—hopefully. But there are surprising facts about turnkey rentals that not every investor fully realizes. We’ve identified the most surprising things about turnkey rentals based on investor...

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Buy a Turnkey Rental or Do It Yourself?

Many newer real estate investors deliberate between buying a turnkey rental or buying a distressed property and doing their own rehab. Both are valid options, but the experiences between the two are vastly different. It’s important to understand exactly what you’re getting into beforehand, particularly if you’re leaning toward finding...

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Why You Should Always Use a Property Manager

When you’re investing in real estate, it’s natural to look for ways to maximize cash flow. One common cutback is to manage the property yourself. Now, it’s one thing to consider managing a rental property if you live nearby. It’s another if you’re thinking about managing a property out of...

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Protect Your Personal Assets From Your Real Estate Activity

The main thing holding back many would-be real estate investors is the fear of losing personal assets in a lawsuit. It’s a valid concern. There are so many potential threats arising from being a rental landlord that a lot of people choose not to invest in real estate for that...

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4 Common Misconceptions About Turnkey Rentals

Despite the rise in popularity of turnkey rentals, several misconceptions endure about this form of real estate investment. First of all, turnkey rentals are investment properties that require no work on the part of the owner. That’s enticing enough for most real estate investors. Unfortunately, when you throw in myths...

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Profile on Eric Martel of MartelTurnkey

Eric Martel is a real estate investor and entrepreneur. He founded the turnkey rental company, MartelTurnkey, along with his two sons, Antoine and Etienne, in 2017. To date, MartelTurnkey has bought and sold over $11 million worth of real estate. From the outside, MartelTurnkey seems like an overnight success story....

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The Benefits of Investing in B and C Class Properties

B and C class properties are some of the best turnkey rental property investments you can make. Don’t let the sparkle of A class properties distract you from the undeniable profitability of B and C class turnkey rentals. Granite countertops and vaulted ceilings don’t equate to money in your bank...

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Why Your Home Shouldn’t Be Your Retirement Plan

Too many Americans are banking on the value of their homes to fund their retirement. As time has gone by, many are realizing that their retirement savings are far short of the goals recommended by financial experts. Retirement planning professionals advise saving a minimum of a million dollars to supplement...

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What Are the Differences Between A, B, C and D Class Properties?

When looking at turnkey rentals to buy, you’ll often notice a classification referred to as A, B, C or D. These are class distinctions that are used to help define and communicate the characteristics of a property and/or the neighborhood where it’s located. These classifications are primarily used within real...

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