What is a Row House?

As you read in our previous blog post, we’ve started investing in the beautiful city of Baltimore. We’ve already sold our first supply of Baltimore turnkey rentals, but we have several more that are currently being renovated. They’ll be available to our investors shortly. Like the previous two Baltimore turnkey...

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How We Are Managing Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to tighten its grip on the world, we at MartelTurnkey are carrying on with business as usual, with a few differences. We wanted to take time this week to share with you some of the ways in which we have demonstrated the flexibility of our company to...

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Single Family Vs. Duplex

Many first-time investors are attracted to duplex turnkey properties over single family turnkey rentals. They may have heard that duplexes cash flow more than single family homes, or they may just like the idea of owning a larger property. It’s true that duplexes tend to produce higher cash flow—at least...

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Why You Can Continue to Put Your Trust in Us

The COVID-19 virus has shaken the faith of nearly every citizen on the planet. Every morning, we wake up to increased restrictions on movement and activities, and the human statistics seem to worsen with each passing hour. This global crisis is certainly testing our strength as individuals and as a...

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Why Now is a Great Time to Buy Real Estate

They say that smart investors can make money in any kind of market conditions, but these times are proving to be challenging on a whole new level. Generations in the past have had to deal with the Great Depression, the Spanish Flu and two World Wars. And yet, here we...

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How Multiple Investment Loans Work

Now that the stock market is showing its greatest weaknesses, more investors are seeking to grow their real estate portfolios. One of the ways that serious real estate investors build their portfolio is by purchasing multiple investment properties. This enables the savvy investor to create multiple streams of passive income...

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What Are Seasoned Funds For Your Down Payment?

Are you almost ready to buy a turnkey rental property? One of the first things you’ll need to do is get a down payment together and then acquire financing. But even before that, you need to make sure your down payment funds have been seasoned. If you’ve never purchased real...

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Can Foreigners Buy Real Estate in the U.S.?

Foreign property investment refers to real estate investment on American soil by foreign nationals. The United States is considered a very favorable real estate investment market; in fact, one of the best in the world! As such, foreign buyers accounted for over $78 billion in real estate sales in 2019...

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Why Turnkey Rentals Are a Strong Investment During Turbulent Times

Every generation experiences turbulent times. No country is immune. International events often affect U.S. or Canadian families here in North America. Throughout the years, there have been wars, famines and depressions and recessions. The economy experiences ups and downs and reflects the overall mood of society.  Even now, as the...

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It’s Time to Buy Another Turnkey Rental: Here’s Why

If you’ve already purchased a turnkey rental, good for you. It was a smart move that you’re probably very glad you made. Now that you have that under your belt, it’s time to consider buying your next turnkey rental. While it’s awesome to have between $200 and $300 in passive...

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How are Turnkey Rental Markets Chosen?

Have you ever wondered why your favorite turnkey rental provider chooses some markets over others? Who says it’s better to invest in Memphis than in Aspen, for example? Wouldn’t a ski resort be a better place to buy real estate, especially if you were looking for a turnkey vacation rental?...

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5 Most Common Mistakes Investors Make

Real estate investors need to be sharp in order to recognize good deals, analyze potential deals and maintain profitability. Even if you’re going to buy a turnkey rental, there are certain things you first need to look at and do before moving ahead. Some of the most common mistakes investors...

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