Announcing the World’s First Tokenized Real Estate Fund, by Martel Invest!

June 21st, 2022

Invest in real-world, cash-flowing rental properties for as little as $50


Rarely does something truly exceptional happen in the business world. That’s especially true of real estate. Acquiring property and renting it out for cash flow? That business model hasn’t changed since the Middle Ages.


Well, MartelTurnkey is thrilled to announce something completely new — the MartelInvest Token, the world’s first tokenized real estate fund.


What does this mean? It means we’re using the power of blockchain — the disruptive technology behind cryptocurrency, NFTs, and smart contracts — to make it possible for anyone, anyone in the world, to invest in US rental property for as little as $50, regardless of their income, credit, or net worth. 


No big deal, right?


I’m sure you have a lot of questions, so let’s get into it …


What is a token?

A token is simply a discrete digital asset, built on a specific blockchain and defined by a smart contract or specific project.


Bitcoin is a kind of token. So is an NFT — in fact, NFT stands for “non-fungible token.”


We have created the MartelInvest Token network to include 1 million total tokens.

Is the MartelInvest Token an NFT?

No, it isn’t. “Non-fungible” means it can’t be swapped one for another without any loss of value. Think about swapping one house for another. What if one house has more square footage? Fewer bathrooms? They aren’t equal assets.


The MartelInvest Token, on the other hand, is fungible in the same way a dollar bill or a cryptocurrency token is fungible. One dollar bill is worth just as much as any other dollar bill. One bitcoin is worth just as much as any other bitcoin. One MartelInvest Token is worth just as much as any other token on the network.

What am I investing in? Is this “virtual real estate?”

No, it’s not virtual real estate. Much has been made about “virtual real estate” in the “Metaverse.” If you’re leery about buying property that only exists on a computer, I don’t blame you. It’s a very new, unproven business model.


But the MartelInvest Token is backed by actual real estate in the real world. We’re building a portfolio of 400-500 rental houses in real US cities — the same business we’ve been in for five years, so we know what we’re doing.


Think of owning a MartelInvest Token as being similar to owning a share of a REIT — a share of stock in a company that owns 400-500 rental houses.

How do I make money with the MartelInvest Token?

The portfolio of rental properties in the MartelInvest Token fund produces cash flow. Every month, we divide up the cash flow and distribute it proportionally to the token owners. You can own as many MartelInvest Tokens as you want, and owners of twice as many tokens will get twice as large a share of the cash flow. 


When we sell or refinance a property in the fund, token owners get a percentage of the proceeds proportional to the number of tokens they own.


We are selling each MartelInvest Token for an initial offering of $50 per token. Yes, that means you can invest in a portfolio of real estate for as little as $50, and your risk is spread out across 400-500 properties. There’s no credit check; you don’t need to apply for a mortgage. 


We’re also working on creating an open exchange for the MartelInvest Token by the end of the year. Once active, token owners can buy and sell the tokens to each other. At that point, the price of the MartelInvest Token will be set by the open market. It could end up being worth much more than $50 at that point.


Even before the open market goes live, we plan to go the extra mile by having every property in the portfolio appraised monthly and assigning an intrinsic value to the token, based on the total appraised value of the real estate in the portfolio, so you know how much your $50 token is actually worth based on the real assets backing it.

How does MartelInvest make money on the transaction? What’s your end?

Simple — token owners get 80% of the cash flow. Martel gets 20% as a fee for our service of building and managing the portfolio.

Is the MartelInvest Token a liquid asset?

Yes! That’s one of the beauties of it. Real estate is notoriously illiquid — selling a house takes a lot of time and money. 


As mentioned earlier, we’re working on an open exchange for our tokens. Until then, if you ever need to liquidate your tokens, you have the option to sell the tokens back to us. 

Why blockchain?

Blockchain technology has many advantages over traditional finance and investing tools. Here are just a few that apply to real estate investment:

Low transaction fees. Tens of thousands of dollars can be transferred anywhere in the world for fees as low as pennies. With the large dollar amounts changing hands in a real estate transaction, this really adds up.

Speed. I can’t tell you how often I have sold a house on Friday and waited until Tuesday to get the money. Blockchain transactions run 24/7 and are usually processed in seconds.

Transparency. Every asset and transaction sits on the blockchain for the world to see. Compare that to REITs or syndications, most of whom do their work behind closed doors.

Trust. Each blockchain exists on thousands, even millions of computers. It’s nearly impossible to do something shady with everything in the public eye with millions of computers to corroborate every transaction.  

Who can buy the MartelInvest Token?

At the moment, we are only authorized by the SEC to sell to accredited investors — net worth of over $1 million excluding the personal residence, or individual income of $200k+ or joint income of $300k+.


This does put the kibosh on the idea of “real estate investment for the masses” … but we’re working on it. We hope to make the MartelInvest Token available to anyone, regardless of income or net worth, within six months … so stay tuned!

How can I buy the MartelInvest Token?

Glad you asked! Go to — the network is live, and the MartelInvest Token can be purchased for $50 apiece and transferred to your wallet within minutes. You can start collecting cash flow as soon as next month!

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