Why You Should Work With a Turnkey Provider

Of all the resources you have as a real estate investor, time is the most precious. The amount of time you have available can never be increased over 24 hours a day. You can never have more time than anyone else. If you’re like most people, and time is in...

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3 Things Smart Investors Have in Common

Being an investor is sort of a lonesome pursuit. You may feel like you’re in a bubble, separated from the rest of the crowd. This is especially true if you’re not going the traditional route and handing over your money—and control—to a money manager. There are plenty of articles about...

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Should You Do a BRRRR Right Now? Probably Not

When we wrote about the BRRRR strategy back in 2018, we covered the five top risks of this method. The post was surprisingly popular, and it still gets a tremendous number of hits on our website, even after all this time. For those of you who may not have heard...

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How to Leverage the Economic Downturn

Never before in history has there been so much opportunity for true wealth building. If you’re the type of person who’s always dreamed of creating wealth for yourself and your family, it’s time to invest in real estate. It’s true that the rich keep on getting richer, but it’s not...

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Exactly Why You Should Work With MartelTurnkey

When it comes to you choosing your turnkey rental company, we’re biased. Of course we think you should work with us! But we’ve done a little digging and it turns out we have very good—and objective—reasons why you should work with MartelTurnkey. You see, it’s not just a matter of...

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What Do Tenants Look For in a Rental Home?

Landlords and property management companies usually focus on finding quality tenants for their turnkey rentals. This makes sense, considering that you want rent to be paid on time. You also hope to get good tenants that will respect the property and take care of it. On the other hand, tenants...

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Is it Smart to Borrow Money to Invest?

If you’ve been following our assortment of available turnkey rentals for sale, you know that we currently have available properties in Ohio, Missouri and Michigan. We often have turnkey rental properties in Tennessee, too. Based on the real estate market today, it’s only natural that you’re probably eager to get...

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Rents Rising Through the Roof

As the COVID-19 pandemic made its way across the U.S., it accelerated what was already a decrease in the inventory of affordable housing in such areas as Detroit, Memphis, St. Louis, and Cleveland. Because of this, many people who were planning on purchasing a home have instead chosen to continue...

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Services We Offer at MartelTurnkey

When you buy a turnkey rental property from MartelTurnkey, you get much more than “just” a house. You get a range of attention, support and services that begins from the moment you contact us. If you’ve ever looked into other turnkey rental companies, you know that isn’t the norm. Heck,...

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Perks of Owning Turnkey Real Estate You May Not Have Considered

Do you already invest in turnkey rentals or are you considering jumping into the real estate investment market? Either way, you should know that there are perks of owning turnkey real estate you may not have considered. Sure, passive income is a big benefit, as are the numerous tax deductions...

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My, How You’ve Grown! Your Property Values, That Is!

At MartelTurnkey, we are consistently praising the positive cash flow benefits of turnkey rentals. If you’re looking for a way to increase income, have your mortgage paid for by your tenants and enjoy the many tax breaks of being a landlord, then turnkey rentals are the way to go. But...

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Best Investment Books to Read Now

Now that summer is officially here, it’s a great time to find motivational beach reads. Whether you plan to kick back in your easy chair or dig your toes in the sand at your favorite vacation spot, here are some books that will inspire, motivate and inform you on your...

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