Top 5 Things to Look For in an Investment Property

Once you’ve decided that real estate investment is your next move, you’ll need to start looking for a good investment property. Make no mistake, as soon as you start telling people you’re looking, there’ll be no shortage of people trying to sell you a property. The trouble is, they probably...

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Looking Down the Road: Exit Strategies For Turnkey Rentals

Whenever you invest in real estate, you should have an exit strategy. An exit strategy is a way out of a deal. Sometimes an investor will get into a real estate investment with a definite exit strategy and timeline already in mind. Other times, life events require the investor to...

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Most Common Myths About Investing in Real Estate

The more people we talk with, the more we realize that there are some harmful myths about investing in real estate. They’re harmful because they hinder people from taking that important step and investing in their first real estate property. At MartelTurnkey, we want to help as many people as...

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Creative Ideas to Get Money For Your First Turnkey Property Down Payment

Once you purchase your first turnkey property, you’re in the real estate game. You’ll begin receiving positive cash flow each month, deposited straight into your bank account. From there, it’s easier to envision your future as a successful real estate investor. It’s also easier after that to leverage your first...

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7 Turnkey Property Benefits to Know

Turnkey properties offers many advantages that you may not be aware of. Real estate investors who are seeking cash flow are often focused on how much income can be generated each month from a turnkey property. While this is certainly one benefit of owning a turnkey property, there are several...

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How to Choose a Turnkey Rental Property

Turnkey rental companies offer properties you can buy to generate passive income for you and your family. But how do you choose turnkey rental property to begin with? It’s important to learn more so that you can make an informed decision that will serve your financial needs now and in...

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Full Steam Ahead For $50 Million Memphis Mixed-Use Development

It was just over a year ago that developers put forward a proposal for a $50 million mixed-use development in the Memphis Broad Avenue Arts District. The site is perfectly situated near the district’s hundred-year-old storefronts and Water Tower Pavilion. In an area that was largely allowed to age after...

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Buy a Turnkey Rental Instead of a First Home: Here’s Why

  Are you saving up money for a down payment on your first home? If you already have $17,000 or $20,000 saved up and sitting in an account, what’s the best way to make that money work for you? Buying a home actually isn’t the smartest decision, especially at this...

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Why Use Turnkey Rentals For Your 1031 Exchanges?

Turnkey rentals are ideal for the real estate investor who does 1031 exchanges. If you’re a new or seasoned investor and you want to take advantage of Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code to defer capital gains tax, there’s no easier way than to team up with a turnkey...

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8 Tips For New Turnkey Rental Owners

Have you recently bought your first turnkey rental? Turnkey rentals are one of the best real estate investment decisions you could ever make. As a new turnkey rental owner, you may have a lot of questions about what’s next. While there isn’t exactly a manual for new turnkey rental owners,...

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How to Improve Credit

Poor credit can prevent you from acquiring the funding you need to purchase real estate investment property. Even if you have the cash for a down payment, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get approved for a mortgage through conventional financing. The good news is, you can improve your credit...

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It’s Better to Invest in a Rental Property Than to Buy a Home of Your Own

One of the biggest shams that’s been pulled over the public is the American Dream of owning a home. Home ownership has been lauded as the ultimate symbol of financial freedom. It’s been brainwashed into the American psyche that buying your own home should be your primary goal, to be...

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