How to Invest in Real Estate Without Seeing The Property

Many people find it shocking that 99.9% of our clients never actually see the rental houses we sell them.  We get it. When you put it like that, it does make us sound a little like snake oil vendors with a bridge in Brooklyn we’d like to sell you. But...

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Is The Economy Headed For Recession?

Talking heads gonna talk. We are definitely, 100% not headed for recession. Oh, and we are for certain, without a doubt barreling headlong into a recession. Which answer you get depends largely on which channel you turn to or which podcast you listen to.   Who’s right? Does anyone have...

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Get Your Investment Strategy In Gear Before The Year Is Over

Happy October, and welcome to Q4 2022! You’re probably formulating your holiday plans right now … and it wouldn’t hurt to start formulating a Q4 capital allocation plan along with it.   Q4 is a busy time at MartelTurnkey. Our long-time investors usually pull up their shopping carts, looking for...

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3 Reasons Why NOW Is The Time to Invest In Turnkey Rentals

There’s no doubt about it — interest rates are up, demand is down, and we’re starting to see prices dip as the market finally starts to cool down.    Is the party over? Has the time come to hunker down and sit on your cash?   Far from it. Experienced...

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Should You Be a Section 8 Landlord? Here are the Pros and the Cons

Section 8 housing has more than a whiff of bad reputation. It calls to mind decrepit slums and unreliable tenants. Why even consider it?   Because thousands of landlords swear by the benefits of offering their prized assets as Section 8 housing … and they have a point. As a...

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Investors Avoiding Michigan are Missing Out Right Now — Big Time

Humans are slow to change. Once we make up our minds about something, we tend to dig in — even when evidence starts flying in the face of the narrative we have adopted. Investors Avoiding Michigan is a good example of that.   Case-in-point — Michigan. Investors stuck on a...

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The 7 Best Detroit Neighborhoods to Invest In Right Now

Pummeled by the 2008 recession, Detroit entered a period of severe decline. Crime, job-loss, population flight…  You couldn’t give Detroit houses away. Many went so far as to predict that it would never recover, as if this heritage city would somehow sink into the Great Lakes, never to be seen...

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House-Hacking vs. Turnkey Rentals — Which is Better?

When it comes to beginner-friendly real estate investing strategies, you have a few popular choices. There’s house-hacking, BRRRR, and our bread-and-butter — turnkey rentals.  In this article I will compare these two strategies to determine once and for all which is better House-Hacking vs. Turnkey Rentals?   We have written...

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HAPPY LABOR DAY — How to Trade Labor for Financial Freedom

In addition to BBQs and the last hurrah for boat people, Labor Day is a time to reflect on our personal labor and how we value it.    Labor Day was established in the 19th Century to commemorate labor movements and honor the American working class. While we agree that...

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BIG NEWS — We’ve Updated Our Cash Flow Summaries to Include Equity Buildup (And More!)

“So how much money am I going to make?” Everyone has that question when they consider a real estate investment — and there’s nothing wrong with that.    MartelTurnkey works hard to give you as good an answer as possible to that question before you buy one of our turnkey...

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How Much Should I Set Aside from my Rental Income for Cash Reserves?

One of the challenges of rental property investing is that the expenses aren’t consistent or predictable. Seasoned real estate investors know to set aside some cash reserves for their rental portfolio and in this article I will help calculate how much reserve you need.   You might be sitting pretty...

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Are Condos a Good Real Estate Investment or Are Single-Family Houses Better?

It’s easy to see the appeal of buying a condo as an investment rental property. First and foremost, they tend to be cheaper. You can usually get a condo for less out-of-pocket than a single-family house in the same neighborhood.   Condos can be a good investment. At MartelTurnkey we...

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