Why Real Estate Appreciates In Value?

We take for granted the notion that real estate appreciates in value. It’s why so many people yearn to be homeowners — not just to have a place that they “own,” but because it turns your personal residence into a vehicle for wealth creation. Not because you pay yourself rent,...

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Are You Getting a Good Deal on Your Investment Property?

“Am I getting a good deal?” It’s a worthwhile question to ask yourself before any purchase, but never better than when considering an investment property.   As you become more familiar with a market and its neighborhoods, you will start to become familiar with its fair market values.   If...

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Turnkey Rental vs. Multifamily Syndication — Which Is Better?

Multifamily syndication is all the rage in real estate investor circles. If you’re unfamiliar, this is when a group of investors pools their money to buy a large apartment complex. Most of the money partners are “passive” investors, with a person called the “deal sponsor” or “deal operator” putting together...

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7 Real Estate Goals for 2023

It’s a cliche, but for a reason — the end of the old year and the start of a new one is a natural time to reflect on where we are today, and where we want to be this time next year. To help you out we are proposing 7...

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Real Estate Investment Reflections for the Holidays

Happy Holidays from your friends at MartelTurnkey! You’re probably getting ready to travel, visit loved ones, eat amazing food, enjoy sparkling lights and winter wonderlands, and send 2022 out with a bang in preparation for a prosperous 2023.  Real estate investment might seem a little far away from the spirit...

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Is Your Personal Residence an Asset or a Liability?

Homeownership is part of the “American Dream.” In addition to the pride-of-place, the backyard for the kids and the dog, and the opportunity to “keep up with the Joneses,” one of the first finance lessons many of us learn is that a home is an asset. Many families regard their...

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How to Maximize the Depreciation Tax Deduction
on your Real Estate Investment

As tax-filing season approaches, real estate investors get to face one of the ultimate “high-level” problems — deciding how much depreciation to write off. Most real estate investors are using straight 27.5 year depreciation on their real estate investment. In this article I explain how to lower taxes with accelerated...

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Let’s Talk About Legacy …

People from all demographics come to MartelTurnkey in search of cash-flowing assets ripe for appreciation — the easy way. But one generation we’re noticing with a surge of interest in turnkey real estate investing is the Millennial generation.  They come to us with the vision of building a financial legacy....

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Happy Thanksgiving!
5 Things Real Estate Investors Can Be Thankful For

To all our friends about to celebrate with friends and family over a delicious turkey dinner, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!   No one’s life is without problems. Especially around the year-end and the holidays, life can get downright stressful. But Thanksgiving is a chance to count our blessings...

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How the Rich Get Richer During Economic Downturns

We’ve all heard about how “the rich get richer.” Smarter people than any of us have marveled about how the rich seem to get richer even during times of recession.    How is that possible? When the rest of the economy is contracting, how do wealthy people keep expanding, seemingly...

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How to Invest in Real Estate Without Seeing The Property

Many people find it shocking that 99.9% of our clients never actually see the rental houses we sell them.  We get it. When you put it like that, it does make us sound a little like snake oil vendors with a bridge in Brooklyn we’d like to sell you. But...

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Is The Economy Headed For Recession?

Talking heads gonna talk. We are definitely, 100% not headed for recession. Oh, and we are for certain, without a doubt barreling headlong into a recession. Which answer you get depends largely on which channel you turn to or which podcast you listen to.   Who’s right? Does anyone have...

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