Full Steam Ahead For $50 Million Memphis Mixed-Use Development

It was just over a year ago that developers put forward a proposal for a $50 million mixed-use development in the Memphis Broad Avenue Arts District. The site is perfectly situated near the district’s hundred-year-old storefronts and Water Tower Pavilion. In an area that was largely allowed to age after...

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Buy a Turnkey Rental Instead of a First Home: Here’s Why

  Are you saving up money for a down payment on your first home? If you already have $17,000 or $20,000 saved up and sitting in an account, what’s the best way to make that money work for you? Buying a home actually isn’t the smartest decision, especially at this...

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Why Use Turnkey Rentals For Your 1031 Exchanges?

Turnkey rentals are ideal for the real estate investor who does 1031 exchanges. If you’re a new or seasoned investor and you want to take advantage of Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code to defer capital gains tax, there’s no easier way than to team up with a turnkey...

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8 Tips For New Turnkey Rental Owners

Have you recently bought your first turnkey rental? Turnkey rentals are one of the best real estate investment decisions you could ever make. As a new turnkey rental owner, you may have a lot of questions about what’s next. While there isn’t exactly a manual for new turnkey rental owners,...

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How to Improve Credit

Poor credit can prevent you from acquiring the funding you need to purchase real estate investment property. Even if you have the cash for a down payment, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get approved for a mortgage through conventional financing. The good news is, you can improve your credit...

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It’s Better to Invest in a Rental Property Than to Buy a Home of Your Own

One of the biggest shams that’s been pulled over the public is the American Dream of owning a home. Home ownership has been lauded as the ultimate symbol of financial freedom. It’s been brainwashed into the American psyche that buying your own home should be your primary goal, to be...

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Glossary of Common Real Estate Terms

If it sometimes seems like real estate professionals have their own private lexicon, you’re correct. There is a whole bank of terminology in the real estate industry that professionals use to communicate value, property details and processes. These terms help real estate professionals do their jobs more efficiently, but they...

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3 Ways That Turnkey Rentals Save You Time

Of all the resources you have, time is the most valuable. It’s the one resource that is absolutely finite. And, it’s the one resource that everyone has equal amounts of on a day-to-day basis. While you can edge ahead of the competition by acquiring more money or more knowledge, you...

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How to Find the Best Property Management Company

Whether you’re investing in a turnkey rental property with a property management company already in place or you’re searching for your own property management company, you only want to work with the best. The property management company will essentially be your investment partner. As with all things investment related, you...

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How to Choose a Turnkey Rental Company

Not all turnkey companies are alike. Although many companies call themselves “turnkey,” they vary widely in terms of services offered, the quality of the properties for sale, how clients are treated and much more. You need to conduct due diligence and use discretion when shopping for the turnkey rental company...

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All Your Fears About Being a Landlord Addressed

Have you thought about owning rental property, but you’re nervous about being a landlord?  Sometimes lack of money and opportunity aren’t what keeps people from investing in buy and hold real estate. Sometimes people are just downright afraid to be a landlord. But fear shouldn’t stand in your way of...

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Good Credit is Essential For Real Estate Investment Success

For recent college graduates, it can be more of a challenge to get the funding to invest in your first real estate property. You may not have two years of W-2 income to show financial stability, or you may not have a sufficiently robust credit history to demonstrate fiscal responsibility....

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